Noemie Muller Portrait

Noemie Muller

Corporate Success Advisor | Marketing Specialist

With 4 years of experience as a team leader and nearly a decade serving the public, the breadth of my knowledge and expertise allow me to thrive as a Corporate Success Advisor at CareerJoy. Across progressively prominent and exciting roles at the CN Tower, the Canadian Red Cross, and CareerJoy, I have grown to learn the importance of flexibility and resilience to meet the ever-evolving requirements of fast-paced work environments. My most recent experience in operations has also sharpened my ability to create clarity amidst chaos, empowering and guiding my teams to success despite significant challenges.

A self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, I am passionate about remaining abreast of the latest rends and upgrading my technical skills to continuously improve processes and better support my clients and teammates. But first and foremost, I find my greatest sense of joy and fulfilment when I help organizations achieve their goals and people advance their careers in a meaningful way, based on what is truly important to them.