Maria Viscione

Maria is a career coach with over 7 years of HR and recruitment experience.  Her passion has always been to be of service to others by helping guide them to their true calling and to land a career they are passionate about as well as build and maintain a work-life balance that helps them live a more fulfilled life.


Her specialty is helping job seekers, career changers, and entrepreneurs unlock their special qualities and achieve their best work-life balance and the satisfaction that comes with it. She help clients reconnect to their core interests while developing effective decision making, communication, personal leadership and interviewing skills.



Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Human Relations

Professional and Personal Coach Certification (PPCC)


Personal Interests

Yoga, Traveling & Painting


Favourite Clients

My favorite clients to work with are those who are fully committed to making a change, who are serious but have a great sense of humour. Clients who are open and set high – but realistic expectations for themselves.