Lynda Peto

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Lynda has 10 years of experience supporting and assisting her clients in meeting their career and employment goals.  Working with HR professionals, Lynda has a strong connection with the business community and diverse job opportunities.  Lynda has 20 years of business experience as a sales and marketing professional and entrepreneur. Her expertise in marketing is valuable in assisting clients to match, identify and articulate their skills and experience in the job search process. Lynda understands the challenges, fears, and uncertainty as well as the joy, fulfillment, and passion that can be achieved in making a successful transition.

Professional Designations

  • Certified Career and Employment Coach
  • Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education

 Success Stories

“It is valuable to bring your personality/talents/aptitudes together to evaluate your career possibilities.” – Catherine Sawatsky
“I found the meeting with a supportive Career Coach who helped me look at different aspects of my past and present careers as very helpful. She also provided guidance to looking forward at potential opportunities.” – Susan Shannon
“I like the process of looking into oneself to look at individual qualities and then looking at ways to develop those further including through marketing them.” – Sam S.
“I’m very clear on my strengths and what I should pursue in terms of the ideal working environment for my personality, character, strengths, and future dreams. Realized the necessary attributes of a job that I need as well as what type of work I should be avoiding. Confirmed innate strengths and also what does not come naturally to me. Gained wonderful insight from the comments and observations that both my friends and Lynda made. I enjoyed the frequent check-ins with Lynda and the fact that we have to determine what our values are, as well as what our friends deem to be our strengths and greatest abilities.” – Jennie M.
“More self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses. A better understanding of myself and what it is I really want to do. The one-on-one sessions were helpful.” – Jonas M.
“Personally, this program alleviated my anxieties towards the career search process. It showed me what I was doing right, what I needed to improve upon, as well as advice on putting forward my best image and avoiding common pitfalls. Professionally, it broadened my perspective in understanding that career improvement is a difficult, long term process which requires constant work; it’s not necessarily as simple as “finding a better job”, as major a part as that might be. Improved, streamlined, and more concise cover letter and resume. Greater confidence in the image I’m presenting to employers upon applications and interviews; affirmation of what I was doing right, and correction or improvement upon my weaknesses or mistakes.” – Derek E.
“It is an excellent way to really get to know yourself, and then to learn about careers where you can be comfortable and shine in. Work is such a big part of life, it is very important to find something that is a good fit for you, and I was a poster child for the misery and unhappiness being in the wrong job can bring. My coach was very sensitive and willing to work with my rather unique situation. She went above and beyond her job description and became totally invested in my situation, and became the supportive, wise friend I needed at that time.” – G Jacobucci
“Working with Lynda from CareerJoy has been a very productive and helpful process. The in-depth assessments helped me identify my strengths, abilities and passions. I was then able to research careers that best utilized these traits and started charting a new career path. I was able to identify the job description that matches my skills & abilities. I learned how to write a focused resume and cover letter. The best part is that I found a job in a new industry and a new position. The process was extremely valuable to me on both a personal and a professional level. I have know for years that I needed to change my career path but I struggled to find a way out. This process gave me a job description to aim for and then I was able to construct a resume that highlighted my skills to match the needs of the employer. I am very excited about my new position, my new path and the new company.” – Sandi G.
“Personally, the modules were valuable for re-examining what I need to feel fulfilled in life. I really appreciated completing the Highlands Battery, which was a useful tool to examine natural skills and abilities I have and the different careers that would fit the results. On the professional level, the process helped me fine tune my resume, cover letter, and interview skills, encouraging me to think more from the hiring personnel’s perspective and what would make me stand out as a perspective employee. The process also helped me to figure out which natural skills I bring to the table, and what type of work environment I would thrive in. I can’t really think of anything that could be improved.” – K. Unrau