Lisa Pierosara

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Lisa is a senior certified professional coach, facilitator and collaborative program leader with a history of fostering transformative change, communications excellence and leadership effectiveness. She has a particular focus and advocacy in supporting the inclusion of women.
Lisa has 25+ years of experience across corporate Canada and academia including a background in MarComm in telecom. After many years coaching young professionals at The Schulich School of Business and working with Canadian employers for the MBA program, she now consults as an affiliate coach with CareerJoy, among other projects with executive clients across all business sectors. Lisa walks the talk of pursuing work that “fits” and personal branding that is inspiring and relevant. She is a certified career & leadership Coach (CTI, Adler) and Effectiveness Consultant (Reddin Global).
Lisa is a wife, mother of teenage daughters, business owner, women’s mentorship program leader, dog mama, and avid slope-seeker.

Professional Designations

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Associate Certified Coach

Success Stories

“Lisa has been a lifesaver to me during a very stressful time of being laid off. She has helped me to recognize the skills that I have and how to be able to convey these in an interview setting. Lisa is extremely positive and has this easy ability to empower… and to bring out the very best.” – Niamh Buckley
“I really liked Lisa. I think I have a better sense about my abilities, interests, and better job interview skills. I think it is a helpful process to better get to know oneself.” – Megan Young
“Lisa was an excellent communicator and facilities the exchange of ideas very well. My sessions felt like they were brainstorming events. I have a much better understanding of what I am looking for in my career life and how career /balance should be. Having a career profession acting as your advocate is a very powerful catalyst when looking for a new direction in a persons work life. The system works. It’s effective and provides results.” – Mark G.
“It helps you get unstuck and focuses on yourself more than focused on a career. People get stuck on a career and not looking into what makes you happy as a person. I found everything to be very helpful, especially the Highlands Ability Battery test – this is where I found my weaknesses and strengths.” – Christina E.
“On a personal level I was able to understand my underlying motivating drivers, what I want out of my lifestyle, what I am able to compromise with, and what is an absolute necessity in my life. This was absolutely integral to my success going forward. On a professional level, I’m extremely close to closing an opportunity that fits a lot of my ideals. Having someone there making you accountable for what you do an not do was a great motivator as well.” – Adrian L.
“I found the ability to contact my coach whenever I had a question, very helpful. 1 on 1 work with Lisa was great! I love to be able to ask questions and get a full answer in person. The value of the process for me was changing my mind set. Before I started CareerJoy, I didn’t know where to begin. I felt lost with a useless resume and no ambition. Lisa helped me discover my talents and personality traits and supported me excellently throughout the process… which allowed for confidence and a desire to pursue a career in occupation therapy. I feel like I am moving forward now, thanks to career joy.” – Raymond C.
“My coaching experience has been priceless. It has made all the difference for me in my career search.” – D.S.
“Lisa gets to know you, then assists in devising a plan to help you discover yourself.” – E.C.
“I have gone through an amazing transformation while working with Lisa, about my future career. There was so much that I didn’t realize about my own decisions or motivations that I have discovered while working with her…the knowledge I gained from my sessions with Lisa have really made my life easier on a number of levels. I strongly believe it is the difference that allows you to love what you do and live for your passion.” – S.V.
“Very efficient… it helped me!” – A. Davalu
“Working with Lisa allowed me to set my career search based on my interests and fit. I was able to discover these interests and I’m now in the driver’s seat with my next career. I felt the regular one on one coaching kept me accountable and focused. It kept me grounded during times of uncertainty. The process brought me confidence in times of need, kept me accountable and on track towards being in a marketable position for my career. I discovered my personal values, interests, and passions. The process greatly assisted in preparing for career opportunities by way of a solid professional resume and cover letter. There is tons of value. The program is a small investment in steering a person into a career path that fits.” – T. Frisk