Lillian Thomsen

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Lillian specializes in executive level competition preparation including identifying leadership competency gaps and opportunities for growth, interview preparation and conducting mock interviews followed by individual assessments. She has also done extensive coaching of public servants and of colleagues in the not-for-profit sector, where she is very active. 

She has extensive experience facilitating retreats, change management and leadership development workshops in both the public and not-for-profit sectors and is bilingual in both official languages.


M.A. (ABD) in Soviet History, Joint BA with full majors in both history and economics.

Lean certificate (green) in healthcare

Personal Interests

Writing, the arts, healthcare and other public policy issues, including international affairs.

Favourite Clients

I enjoy both the group coaching circles and individual coaching, both “goal” focused, i.e., a job competition, or “bigger questions”, such as next stages in life/career.