Jennifer Facchin

Director of Coaching and Culture

An accomplished Facilitator and Certified CareerJoy CQ Career Intelligence Coach™, Ms. Jennifer Facchin is dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to achieving unprecedented results, by aligning their actions and values and propelling the development of their career and leadership skills. Working with professionals of all levels and functions, Jennifer specializes in adopting a consultative approach to sieve through her clients’ stories, looking for the gold that will make their candidacies shine. Having identified their key assets and accomplishments, Jennifer helps job seekers formulate their Professional Value Proposition, determine well-defined goals, and get through every stage of the job search process with confidence, including resume writing and interview preparation.

On top of being an ICCP-1 Integral Associate Coach™, DiSC Certified, and International Coaching Federation Member Certified, Ms. Facchin leverages an unmatched ability to connect with individuals and teams to optimize potentials and transitions. With expertise spanning across recruitment, leadership development, employee engagement, OD projects, training and facilitation, business development management, and corporate store management, she has been successfully supporting teams from the private sector for the last 15 years. As a firm believer that the culture of an organization is meant to be lived, Jennifer uses a global vision to instill positive change aligning with both the corporate mission and the employees’ values and aspirations.

At CareerJoy, Jennifer wears many hats in contributing to the organization’s expanding footprint as a thought leader in the Canadian industry. Notably serving as a Leadership CQ Facilitator and CQ Team Lead, she mentors aspiring teams to help them reach their full potential and expand their impact in their workplace while championing the importance of employee engagement and how to maximize it via good leadership practices. A transcendental leader and relationship builder, Jennifer embodies everything she preaches by overseeing an internal group called the ‘Culture Crew’. Formerly known as the ‘Happiness Crew’, this group ensures that everyone at CareerJoy is living by the organization’s values, by integrating Diversity and Inclusion workshops, Wellness best practices, Lunch & Learns, and regular meetings focused on accountability, growth, and innovation. Jennifer also plays a pivotal role in driving the continuous improvement of client offerings, by coordinating cross-functional teams to offer best-in-class services, while humanizing and modernizing tools to empower clients and help them take the reins of their own development


ICCP-1 Associate Certification