Jan Williams

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Jan is a prime example of success in the career coaching world – as head of her own successful cross-cultural training company in Europe, Jan achieved considerable success in training managers to communicate effectively in international environments. Jan’s professional coaching background ranges from executive and leadership coaching to career and employment coaching.

Jan’s experience includes career management/advice/identity/exploration, outplacements, career transitions, job search, on-site termination, and leadership development. Jan has experience working with clients that vary in professional status. In addition to this, Jan is experienced in dealing with almost every industry in Canada.

Professional Designations

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads Univ., Victoria, BC 2005 ICF accredited.

Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design, Royal Roads Univ. Victoria, BC 2014

CELTA -Cambridge Examination Board Certificate for adult learners, Amsterdam, NL, 1995


Instructional Design For Technology Mediated Learning

Royal Roads University                                

Graphic Design for Instructional Design

Advanced Project Management


CELTA Cambridge University Certificate for Adult Learning 

International Accredited

Amsterdam, Netherlands 1997.

Personal Interests

I love cycling, hiking, skiing, sight seeing, traveling, talking with good friends over a beer or a glass of wine.

By nature, I am a curious person, so I love researching and investigating.


Hobbies – I see myself as a storyteller so I’m working on a number of screenplays.  I’ve taken classes and really enjoy the prospects of maybe turning my stories into short TV series. I also enjoy languages.  I do speak some French, Spanish and Dutch.  I enjoy learning about new cultures and having conversations about them.  I really enjoy people and their complexities. 

Favourite Clients

My Favorite Client – I like working with highly intelligent people, both men and women.  I enjoy the way their minds work and how they see themselves in their world.  I enjoy challenging them.  I really enjoy it when they see something that they hadn’t seen before.  For a number of years I taught Business at local  colleges to Korean, Japanese and Chinese students all between the ages of 20 and 30.  It was really fun!  I enjoyed learning about their culture, food, critical thinking and learning a little bit of their language.

Success Story

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jan. She was very engaged in my development and offered practical advice, constructive feedback and a comfortable environment for discussing personal issues. My favourite aspect of our sessions was finding the language to discuss past achievements, personal preferences and future goals. I found that, by talking through everything with Jan, I was able to unearth stories and ideas I never would have thought of on my own and practice concisely discussing them for future networking/interviews. Jan offered a great balance between leading the direction of our sessions, and also letting me direct where I would like to devote more focus. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I started our program, but I left my first session feeling energized and encouraged, and that feeling remained throughout our time together.”

– Richard Mitchell