Greg Zador

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

Greg’s coaching and leadership style has been developed from his extensive partnership- and consensus-building and organizational experiences, both nation-wide and internationally. 

Greg’s professional background includes partnering with representatives from business, community and education sectors, as well as government agencies, to provide the support they need to succeed. Greg has a deep personal commitment to community sustainability, with roots in international and community development.

From this comprehensive career path, Greg has developed the understanding it takes to provide well-grounded, articulate and strategic advice to executive management teams and to senior boards and councils. 

A collaborator and facilitator by nature, Greg works closely with his clients to help them form unique insights which help them grow. Greg’s strengths lie in his deep understanding of how to mentor and motivate clients so they can thrive within their unique situations.  

An expert strategist, planner, team leader and negotiator, he delivers concrete results. Clients appreciate having a trainer and coach who can draw from motivational team-building skills, staff support and conflict management to collaborate on achieving their leadership goals. 

Greg’s background includes leading and partnering with the following agencies: World University Service of Canada, the Commonwealth of Learning, the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, the City of Winnipeg, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, and the Standards Council of Canada.

Success Stories

“Greg really helped me identify where I truly wanted to be in my career – still in non-profit but not in the environment I am in now. His approach was excellent in helping me gain confidence, that even though I have been out of the job search game for over 16 years, I can still be successful. Fully utilizing LinkedIn and answering any questions I had about certain aspects on some job postings I reviewed really helped me understand what employers are looking for.” – Karen Ball


“(Greg) got me back in the saddle quickly!” – Seamus Ryan


“I found my coach to be knowledgeable in executive management challenges. His approach was thoughtful, interesting and helpful. My experience with Career Joy was excellent. I received what I was looking for – quality coaching sessions to help me arrive at workable solutions to key challenges I was addressing.” – Helene H.


“A greater self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and what I can do to address them going forward that will make me a better manager and leader. Loved the Highlands Battery – found that very insightful.”


“Appreciated the one-on-one coaching and how it was done over a longer period of time (i.e. not just back-to-back over the course of a week or two, but more spread out over a few months). Being able to bring tangible issues to the table to discuss and come out with a better idea of what my action plan will be was also helpful.”


“Nothing that I would change- except perhaps adding another couple of sessions! The self-awareness and improved understanding of what areas I should focus on to make me a better leader and manager would be the best part of the entire experience. I have already put many of the lessons I learned through my coaching sessions into practice and I think I see results already! I found the whole thing really useful and have already recommended the program to a friend.” – Stephanie M.


“Greg is gifted at and derives particular satisfaction and reward from developing, mentoring, enabling and seeing the success of others.”


“Greg is a strategic, thoughtful and innovative leader, mentor and manager. His accessibility, forethought, patience, diplomacy and astuteness furthermore contribute to an inclusive, progressive and supportive leadership and management style. His enthusiastic personality has made him a very likeable individual to work with.”


“The mock interview Greg ran through with me was very helpful. His suggestions re the LinkedIn profile rewrite was also very helpful. Additionally, the career exercise and getting objective opinions outside of my own about where my strengths lie was an eye-opener. Everyone can benefit from this type of service.” – K. Cameron


“Your approach is more up to date and reflects current internal & external forces that are a reality of today’s business. People over Profit, Profit over people. You embrace technology and the importance of health & self. Your newsletter is a “Joyous” read with up to date articles that are varied and tap into consciousness. Your approach is not cookie cutter. My coach was completely invested in me. My coach made me the priority & assisted me with focusing on wellness.” – C. Orefici