Gina McNiel professional headshot

Gina McNeil

Senior Career Success Advisor

Gina is heavily committed to professional development and lifelong learning. She has more than 25 years of progressive public and private sector leadership experience, from municipal leadership roles to marketing to customer experience/loyalty programs for a niche global brand.

Gina’s passion has always been serving as an inspiring leader. She enjoys bringing people together to collaborate on ideas, information, and possibilities, and is skilled at achieving positive, unified outcomes where everyone feels valued.

A strong believer in paying it forward, Gina has been a passionate advocate for community initiatives that promote inclusivity, betterment, and growth. Among her achievements is instituting and coordinating the first Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids (PRO Kids) Program in Atlantic Canada, helping approximately 600 underprivileged children and drawing sponsorships, donations, and volunteers from 150+ organizations.

Gina’s easy-going sense of humor and wit is a defining management strategy to bring out the best in everyone, instill pride, and engage them in cultivating relationships that go beyond customer service.