George Muenz

Position: Coaching

Career Transition Coach

With over 40 years of experience, George is one of our senior coaches and among the most respected career and leadership coaches in Canada. George specializes in working with clients with their very personalized and individualized needs, all while focusing on real-world strategies. Known for his ability to help clients understand and articulate their capabilities, value, and potential, George is a perfect fit for the CareerJoy team.

An expert in outplacement, career transition, job search, and on-site termination support – George has experience working with clients that vary from startups to leading international firms like IBM, Price Waterhouse and Motorola. In addition to this, George is very experienced in working with clients from entry-level to the C-Suite.


CCDP (Certified Career Development Practitioner)

Personal Interests

Reading, Self-Improvement, Coaching (Work and Sports), International Affairs, Cycling (Road and Track).

Favourite Clients

Favourite Clients are the ones who thank me for the positive impact I have had on their lives and not just for the Job Search Success. I seem to do well with Senior Executives, C-Level.

Success Stories

George is excellent as a career coach – from helping with informational reviews, to resume tips, to networking, negotiating and interview help. However, what he adds above and beyond that skill set (and what was most important to me as a client), was empathy, patience and understanding for each individual’s situation. 

I originally met George when I parted ways with an employer that almost destroyed my confidence and spirit, not to mention my love of working in sales. I ultimately landed a job at a great company and I negotiated a salary increase from the initial offer & car allowance – I don’t think I would have been successful without George’s initial patience, guidance and just being there for me. – Eve Groth