Garen Jemian

Position: Coaching

Garen’s background has more than 15 years as an employee, as an employer, and as a manager, so he has the varied experience to help clients through different lenses. This wide perspective along with deep listening skills and empathy allows Garen to collaborate with clients to drive results and bring success.

Garen’s strengths include leadership coaching, and he often finds himself connecting with clients in the tech/internet industry. Garen has also provided corporate coaching for organizations, seeing successes such as reduced turnover and a drop in absenteeism and sick days.


  • Accredited trainer by the Government of Quebec in leadership development, in accordance with the Act To Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition.
  • University training in Professional and Personal Coaching in accordance with the ICF (PPCC)
  • University training in Team Effectiveness Coaching
  • Quebec Government Accreditation for organizational training (2018)
  • Authored book called “Happy People Work Harder” (2018)
  • Achieved PCC level certification requirements (2018) (500+ billable hours)
  • TEDx Headliner/Speaker “Motivation Beyond Money” (2017, shared the stage with the Honorable Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire)

Personal Interests

Understanding human behaviour, mastering the art of coaching, deepening relationships.

Favourite Clients

open to learning and growing, they don’t take themselves too seriously and they are able to relinquish some control to create room for the unexpected.

Success stories

“When I first contacted Garen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After years of struggling with the growing pains of adulthood, I was left with crippling anxiety and I was desperate for a change. With his help I was able to prioritize my goals and make the positive changes needed in my life in order to achieve them. What was most remarkable about my experience with Garen was that while I reached out to him for answers, he never gave them to me. Instead, he guided me to better understanding the issues I was struggling with, how to cope with them and most of all, how to address them so that in the future the only person I’ll seek for help is myself.”

– Samantha T. / Personal Banking Advisor