Garen Jemian

Position: Coaching

Certified Career and Leadership Coach

“I communicate clearly, to the point and I fearlessly provide objective feedback to my clients. What you see is what you get, increasing the focus and impact of coaching sessions.”
– Garen JemianNo matter the size or shape of your goals and ambitions, Garen can help you in your journey to success.Garen’s background is highlighted by more than 15 years in entrepreneurship, business startups and management. He’s worked as an employee, as a manager and as an employer, so he has the varied experience to help clients through different lenses. This wide perspective along with deep listening skills and empathy allows Garen to collaborate with clients to drive results and bring success.Garen’s strengths include leadership coaching, and he often finds himself connecting clients in the tech/internet industry. With an education ranging from Business Admin to Industrial Electronics, he easily navigates both the arts and sciences which gives him the tools to look at client challenges objectively while tapping into his creative side to uncover innovative ways to counter those challenges. An example of this is when he coached a Director of Business Development to gain insights which led to closing a $3.5M deal.
Garen has also provided corporate coaching for organizations. One success his coaching team saw was reduced turnover from 26% down to a healthy 15%, while absenteeism and sick days dropped by 40%.
While successes are not always measurable, the feedback from Garen’s clients is consistently strong. He regularly hears happy clients say, “Things are going so much better. We’re better able to communicate and collaborate” or “My boss has turned things around, he/she is a joy to work with now. The team is energized and there’s a great vibe now.”
Garen’s own successes include converting small financial investments into gross annual sales exceeding $1M (twice!) and having his music published and distributed internationally after being signed to a renowned local record label.
Garen seeks to experience joy in all he does – songwriting, playing ice hockey, snowboarding, meditating, volunteering or coaching – ultimately guiding clients who are experiencing what he himself has experienced: a transition from the old self to a new version of themselves.


Accredited trainer by the Government of Quebec in leadership development, in accordance with the Act To Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition.
University training in Professional and Personal Coaching in accordance with the ICF (PPCC)
University training in Team Effectiveness Coaching
PCC Certification (ICF) (pending approval in 2019)

Recent achievements

Authored book called “Happy People Work Harder” (2018)
Quebec Government Accreditation for organizational training (2018)
Achieved PCC level certification requirements (2018) (500+ billable hours)
TEDx Headliner/Speaker “Motivation Beyond Money” (2017, shared the stage with the Honorable Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire)
Launched and developed Nesta Bar and Lounge?, exceeding the $1M by Year 2 (2011-2014)
Released EP in fundraising efforts for the Lac-Megantic tragedy (2013)
Launched band called ROADS with Indica Records (2009-2013)

Success stories

“When I first contacted Garen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After years of struggling with the growing pains of adulthood, I was left with crippling anxiety and I was desperate for a change. With his help I was able to prioritize my goals and make the positive changes needed in my life in order to achieve them. What was most remarkable about my experience with Garen was that while I reached out to him for answers, he never gave them to me. Instead, he guided me to better understanding the issues I was struggling with, how to cope with them and most of all, how to address them so that in the future the only person I’ll seek for help is myself.”
– Samantha T. / Personal Banking Advisor
“This man has changed my life and I cannot thank him enough!”
– Marisa M. / Director of Sales and Marketing
“I really felt like something was missing in my life, I felt lazy and unaccomplished in so many ways. Life coaching sessions was brought to me and I thought that was so exciting. After my first session with Garen, I already felt lighter, that weight on my shoulder was not as heavy anymore and I was a lot more confident. Every session made me feel freer and better. To this day I still use what I learned and push myself even harder with new goals and projects.”
– Sabrina M. / Mixologist & Manager
“Garen… quel être exceptionnel. Sans lui je n’aurai pas pu être où je suis en ce moment. J’ai vécu des moments très difficiles, soit une période très noir, diagnostiqué par une dépression majeure, où je n’avais pu aucune estime de moi-même, de confiance en moi et où le goût de mourir m’envahissait. J’ai consulté une psychologue lors de ma crise. Elle m’a aidé lors de ma période de crise aigüe mais les rencontres subséquentes, ça ne m’aidait pas du tout son approche. Je cherchais une autre psychologue lorsque qu’un message sur facebook surgit, c’est Garen qui cherche des personnes pour son cours de coach de vie. J’ai sauté sur l’occasion. Quelle approche, j’ai évolué d’une façon exponentielle avec lui. Il a su trouver les bonnes stratégies pour retrouver cette estime et cette confiance perdues. Il n’a pas cherché à chercher les causes, les raisons de mon état mais plutôt m’aider à trouver qui je suis, ce que je vaux à mes yeux et non aux yeux des autres, mes forces, mes accomplissements et le plus importants consolider mes fondations pour que je sois une personne solide… Il m’a aidé à me définir par mes qualités et non par mes accomplissements. Les accomplissements sont un plus mais non la base de ma personne. Lorsque j’ai compris et réalisé ce concept, j’ai recommencé à voir la lumière, à sortir de ma dépression progressivement. Mes propos ne se valent pas de dénigrer la profession de psychologue, loin de moi, mais ce qui m’a le plus aidé est la philosophie d’un coach de vie, soit celle de Garen. Je dois beaucoup à Garen, grâce à lui, je suis guérie de ma dépression, j’ai un nouvel emploi, j’ai des nouveaux projets d’entreprenariat et j’ai un nouvel amoureux, tout ça en quelques mois. Garen, je te serai éternellement reconnaissante. You are my life coach forever.”
– A.V. / President & Nurse Practitioner
“As a Fortune 500 executive, at first I was skeptic and must say I was pleasantly surprised at how Garen was able to help during a transitional period in my life. He helped me redefine my goals and align them with my personal core values. I was able to get a bird’s eye view of the situation which allowed for increased clarity and ability to make difficult choices. Overall a great support system, highly recommended. Thank you Garen!”
– Tania A. / Director of Operations
:Being coached by Garen was the most transformative experience in my life. Not only is Garen a great coach, he is an inspiration and one of the most well read and well spoken people that I have ever met. His depth is rare. I believe what makes him stand out of the crowd is his authenticity: he walks his talk and genuinely takes his clients at heart. I would recommend his services to everyone looking for high quality coaching.”
– Caterina B. / PhD Candidate (Management)