Andrea Nicholls

Position: Coaching

HR Consultant and Employee Engagement Coach

Andrea is well-known for her ability to capture attention with creative and surprising marketing solutions. Having done so for over a decade, Andrea is now changing the ‘engagement’ landscape. Her drive to achieve exceptional results was proven in senior strategic marketing positions with prestigious brands and now her passion for helping the C-suite connect with people on the front lines – and getting them wildly engaged – sets her apart, making her a much sought-after resource.
With over 15 years of strategic experience, Andrea has built up a true passion for solving organizational problems and finding new, creative ways of driving growth in today’s market. Andrea has proven accomplishments in change management, organizational development, analysis, strategic use of data, business planning, customer acquisition, up-sell and retention as well as forecasting, product launching and competitive response. Andrea understands the drivers of engagement and the critical link to achieving broader organizational goals; measurement is key to the work she undertakes and underpins her strategic style. Her work often involves multiple stakeholders with competing priorities, but she is able to weave them together and bring innovative approaches to clients.