Adrien-Alexandre headshot

Adrien-Alexandre Allin

Senior Leadership and Career Coach

Adrien-Alexandre has spent his life exploring and understanding of the human mind and body, involving disciplines from physiotherapy to an array of artistic media. As a professional coach, he leverages his varied and unique experiences while working with clients across Europe and now Canada.

His leitmotiv: The success of each individual depends first and foremost on the respect for their values.

Adrien-Alexandre helps clients undergoing change or transition to develop their personal and professional assertiveness, to break conventional boundaries, and to implement successful strategies for an optimistic, responsible global society. He provides the tools and support for conscious growth, bringing a positive and proactive vision through a personalised and focused intervention.

With his human-centered and tailor-made approach, Adrien-Alexandre supports individuals, teams, or organisations to develop their full potential, improve individual and/or collective effectiveness, and deploy new skills and capacities to achieve set objectives.

Adrien-Alexandre’s multicultural career has provided him with a wealth of competencies and expertise in intra/interpersonal skills, communication, and conflict management.