MBA Transition Program

“To have a coach, who has a vested interest in me, is invaluable. Alan validated my ideas, my discoveries and challenged my thoughts, all while helping me to grow personally and professionally.”

Debbie Trenholm, MBA, Accredited Sommelier & Co-founder of The Savvy Grapes

Making the transition from student to executive is challenging. The MBA Transition Program will help you build on your experience and education to position yourself as a leader in your field.

Work through eight one-on-one sessions with a CareerJoy Coach to:

  • Find the career you were built for
  • Learn the power of personal branding
  • Build an effective marketing profile
  • Identify the leadership positions you are best suited for
  • Prepare for interviews, competitions and negotiations

TO GET STARTED call Eunice (613.907.1135, 416.681.0440 or 1.877.256.2569), send an email to eunice@careerjoy.com or click the button below.