Introducing… iQuit by CareerJoy

At CareerJoy, we pride ourselves on the client experience. Our coaching programs are fully customized and we offer a wide range of services as Canada’s Career and Leadership Coaching firm. One of our biggest assets is adaptability: we assist our clients in navigating an ever changing workforce.

iQuit_webIn the past year, due to popular demand, we have introduced more extensive LinkedIn training, a wider variety of webinar offerings, and increased networking opportunities and information sharing through social media, for example. Today, we have the great honour of announcing that we have released our first app: iQuit, available for purchase on iTunes and Android market.

Many of our clients wish that they didn’t have to deal head-on with quitting their job when transition time looms. Whether in person or with a traditional resignation letter, the awkwardness of a professional “break up” is never easy. Until now.

In a world where technology reigns in almost every industry (Amazon is delivering books by drone; you can swipe left or right on a potential suitor with popular dating apps), CareerJoy noticed a major gap in the workplace. With iQuit, we give you control of how and when you would like to break the news to your employer.

Here are some popular ways to break the news, all planned from your smartphone:
-Personalized resignation letter templates, sent on the date and time of your choosing
-Option for a CareerJoy staff member to meet with your employer in person
-Hand written note in an envelope full of glitter, delivered directly to your boss

Other premium services:
-Customized social media messages to share the news with your network
-Email templates to former colleagues, autoresponder ideas for old email addresses, and other ways to use technology to your benefit
-Photoshopped images of yourself looking happy (ex. on a beach) for social media use

In addition to assisting you through leaving your current place of employment, CareerJoy can also support you in your job search and as you transition into a new role.

Download our iQuit App by submitting your information below: