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Cynthia Dennis

Resume Coach Cynthia’s passion for Human Resources has guided her to devote her career to helping people and companies collaborate and succeed together. Her multidisciplinary career has led her to focus across many of the HR specialities including recruitment, training, organizational development, resume writing and career coaching.   With over 20 years of expertise and

Louise MacLeod

Resume Coach Louise is a naturally curious and enthusiastic storyteller and resumé writer who delights in tracing the arc of a life and finding the perfect words to illuminate an individual’s unique passions, achievements and potential.   Prior to joining the CareerJoy team in 2018, her ability to identify, craft and tell compelling stories was

Mileta Vinerte

Resumé Coach Mileta Vinerte has more than 15 years of hands-on experience in Software and Hardware Engineering, IT Technology, and Recruiting. As an entrepreneur, mentor, recruiter, and technical writer specializing in government and private sector resumes, Mileta combines high work ethic with creativity and enthusiasm. Her goal is to coach candidates through the job application

Fleur Trubert

Resume Coach Fleur is passionate about languages and writing. She lived in multiple cities, working in a variety of jobs in retail, marketing, sales, customer service and the public service commission. She thrives to live a balanced life by staying active, healthy and disciplined. Finding a career that relates to ones values is incredibly important

Rebecca Bartley

Resumé Coach Rebecca has always had a passion for writing and the art of telling a great story. With over 7 years of experience in public relations, communications, marketing and writing she has worked alongside a number of organizations from international corporations to small businesses and from government to online outlets. She believes that every

Tudor Robins

Resumé Coach Tudor enjoys writing anything that tells a story and considers resumes to be the ultimate “short story” of a person’s life. As a professional resume-writer for more than a dozen years, Tudor has created over a thousand resumes for roles from Architect to Zookeeper. She specializes in re-organizing and re-writing the story of your

Karen Haas

Branding and Career Coach Karen takes an analytical approach to coaching & resume writing, deciphering each client’s driving factors for success and what sets them apart in the marketplace. In previous lives as a competitive figure skater, financial planner, and tutor, the creation of favorable outcomes was achieved by strategically setting and reaching goals. In pursuing writing

Josh Clements

Resume Coach Josh’s writing career began with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and creative writing, and a Master’s in film studies. His love for language started at the age of six, and hasn’t dimmed since. Josh’s greatest strength is helping individuals from all walks of life find their unique voice, and present their ideas in the most

Jennifer Cowan

Resume Coach Jennifer writes, mentors and consults. She has created stories for television, radio, print, interactive game apps and corporate websites. Her television work has garnered multiple awards and her first novel was a New York Times Editors’ Choice. Sharing her love of writing, Jennifer teaches media, screenwriting and comedy writing at Ryerson University and

Debora Dekok

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Debora has been a Resume Coach with CareerJoy since 2005 and is also one of CareerJoy’s Biographical Career Report (BCR) analysts. In this role she gets to know her clients’ most satisfying life accomplishments and analyzes those accomplishments to uncover common threads to propel their career direction forward.   Before