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Kathleen McLean

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Kathleen is a fluently bilingual Certified Professional Coach. She specializes in assisting clients to make effective and lasting change. Her approach is by exploring and identifying personal goals, identifying solutions to leadership challenges and setting objectives and plan to advance their careers.   Kathleen started her coaching career following 36

Greg Zador

Certified Career and Leadership Coach A collaborator and facilitator by nature, Greg has worked in partnership with representatives of the business, community and education sectors and all orders of government including the World University Service of Canada, Commonwealth of Learning, National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, the City of Winnipeg, the Federation

Andrea Phippen

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Andrea Phippen is an executive and career coach with over 10 years of HR experience. Andrea believes in developing others and is passionate about building future leaders. As a lifelong learner herself, she embraces the power of self-discovery, introspection and reflection and has an authentic approach to coaching, facilitation and

Jan Williams

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Jan Williams knows from personal experience what it takes to attain excellence. As head of her own successful cross-cultural training company in Europe, Jan achieved considerable success in training managers to communicate effectively in international environments.   Jan counts among her top clients executives from Shell, Numico, Bols, Deloitte &

Shannon McNair

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Shannon has worked for the last 20 years in executive and managements positions in industrial, engineering, medical and legal environments. As a dedicated coach for the last 8 years she has been focused on working with individuals and teams seeking to gain a greater level of authentic communication, manage change,

James Amarelo

Certified Career and Leadership Coach James Amarelo has spent the last 12 years in wealth management and financial services focused on the training and developing of financial advisers across Canada. His is passionate about succession planning, developing coaching cultures, leadership and professional development.   His coaching philosophy uses a proven process, to be strategic in

Ross MacLeod

Certified Career and Leadership Coach Ross is an experienced senior executive, who relishes the challenge of solving difficult problems and achieving meaningful results for clients, employers and colleagues.  He specializes in enterprise transformation and management excellence through clear results, values and ethics and human resources management.   His approach is to achieve innovative outcomes (“the

Karen Haas

Branding and Career Coach Karen takes an analytical approach to coaching & resume writing, deciphering each client’s driving factors for success and what sets them apart in the marketplace. In previous lives as a competitive figure skater, financial planner, and tutor, the creation of favorable outcomes was achieved by strategically setting and reaching goals. In pursuing writing

Stephen Williams

Career and Leadership Coach Stephen has worked for over 25 years as a Human Resources leader for a number of manufacturing organizations. In those roles, he grew to understand the challenges for both organizations and individuals affected in transitions. Before moving to HR, Stephen spent time in engineering, marketing and sales roles. He has led

Alan Kearns

Managing Partner and Head Career Coach Alan Kearns is a leading thought leader on all things work. Author and contributor to The National, The Globe & Mail, National Post and CBC Radio, he shares the latest trends and changes in the Canadian workplace. Voted one of the Top 40 under 40, he is the Managing