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Feeling Stuck? Need a professional resume? Help with your job search? Advice about changing careers?

CareerJoy maintains a national presence with offices from Halifax to Vancouver where working 1-1 with you, our national certified career coaching team can give you expert unbiased opinion, and timely information, to help take control over your career & future in this highly competitive market. We are Canada’s Career & Leadership Coaching Company – you ask the questions, we help you find the right answers.


Your career is the greatest investment you can make in yourself. When you are happy in your job, you see positive results in everything around you, from finances to relationships to personal health. So why stay stuck in the current situation if it doesn’t completely suit who you are inside? It’s not about what colour your parachute is, or some of the other simplistic ideas, our solutions are as sophisticated and as individualistic as you.

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CareerJoy also offers career and leadership development coaching services for employers as well as speaking and workshop opportunities for your organization.
If you identify yourself as a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada, you are eligible to receive:
  1. 15% discount off the cost of any of CareerJoy program if paid in full prior to the start of the program
  2. 5% discount off the cost of any CareerJoy program if paid over time through a no-interest payment plan


The full spectrum of our career coaching, leadership and outplacement services and assessment tools are available virtually anywhere – You can work one in one in any of our offices, alternatively you can work one on one with us via phone or Skype. We specialize in distance coaching. Let us help you find your right career situation for you and your team!

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