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Get a better career fit through the Career Identity Program.

The Career Identity Program is compiled of a number of one-on-one coaching sessions as well as customized tools and resources. Starting with an in-depth evaluation of your unique experiences, interests, priorities, and skills, as well as specific corresponding career options, it ends with a strategic plan that will take you to the next step.

Take our 5 minute career test to find out if your role is a good fit for you.

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What to expect from the Career Identity Program


  1. Reach out to our client service team to get your personalized program recommendation, quote, and to get registered.
  2. We match you with the best coach for you by identifying the industries/sectors, seniority, location, personality style, and needs.
  3. Your coach reaches out to you directly to schedule your coaching sessions

CareerJoy offers a Coaching Fit Guarantee. From time to time, for whatever reason, the fit just isn’t there. In this situation, we will assign you a new coach, establish where you are at in the process, and if necessary, adjust your coaching program to ensure that by the end of the program, you are meeting your set objectives.

Program components

    • Talent & Abilities Assessment Tool – An in-depth test measuring 19 specific abilities including leadership style, problem-solving style, communication style, personality profile, learning style, and motivation style, 35-page results analysis, and a career recommendations report.
    • Biographical Career Report and Analysis 
    • Discover your ideal career paths with our Career Options Workbook, which is created by your coach.
    • Suite of tools that incorporates our Career Goals tool, Career Equation tool, Career History Evaluation tool, and Abilities Benchmarking Tool. 
    • Analyze and review all of your assessments and have an in-depth discussion for a strategic plan in moving forward.
    • Show you WHERE you should be working, WHAT you should be doing and HOW you can utilize your skills.
    • Map out the next steps of your career transition and develop a strategic plan.
    • Provide our 30-60-90 Day Customized Career Search Tool so that you can focus your efforts toward job search upon completion of your Career Identity Program.
    • Customized assessment and 30-minute personalized consultation with CareerJoy’s Image Coach to discuss your unique situation.