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Client Reviews

Mark Giesbrecht

“[My coach] was an excellent communicator and facilitates the exchange of ideas very well. My sessions felt like they were brainstorming events. I have a much better understanding of what I am looking for in my career life and how career /balance should be.   Having a career profession acting as your advocate is a

John Todd

“[My coach] helped me stay in tune with what I needed to stay focused on… She offered good insight into tools to use during a career search and during the interview process. [My coach] provided guidance on where to improve my CV and cover letter.” – John Todd

Reynald Luzon

“It was a very valuable experience for me. I was given tips on how to conduct myself during interviews which I appreciate. The self-evaluation that I was made to undergo helped me find my strengths and weaknesses.” – Reynald Luzon

Evan Jarock

“As someone who did not have a lot of experience applying for jobs and going through the interview process, I really found it helpful in just understanding in the process you go through in getting a job.   I found the resume and cover letter to be extremely helpful, as well as the coach helping

Taylor Hoffman

“Very good value for professional and personal in terms of future school investments. It was very useful in displaying my talents and abilities towards a school path.” – Taylor Hoffman

Esther Caswell

“Excellent coaching. The ability to meet with my coach via phone, gmail, Skype & in person was quite helpful.” – Ester Caswell

Shannon Currie

“[My coach] was essential to my success within the CareerJoy program. Her knowledge paired with her empathy for how difficult a time transitioning can be, really gave me a relationship that I could confide in, risk, and dream big for future career goals.   Professionally, I was able to identify skills that I didn’t know

Mark Shumelda

Senior Research Analyst, Colleges & Institutes Canada

Just wanted to share my CareerJoy success story with you.  [My Coach] was absolutely instrumental in helping me to land the brand-new job.   First of all, he found the job ad for me in a listing service I did not know about and coached me on the initial application stage.  When I was selected

Katie Waring, CHRL

Talent Advisor, Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh

I wanted to pass on the feedback to you that I was incredibly impressed and pleased with the service and support that [your coach] provided. She was professional and warm. It was exactly what we needed with this sensitive termination and she had the employee leaving in a much better and supported state than we

Jean-François Claude

Founder, The Men’s D.epression E.ducation N.etwork (

Following a depression-related leave of absence from work, Career Joy’s Career Identity Program for Professionals was just the prescription I needed to reorient myself, and help me identify and pursue my calling.   Using the latest in assessment tools and methodologies – combined with personal, one-on-one coaching – [my coach] worked with me to develop my action plan