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Client Reviews

Marlena Flick

“Career Joy’s program tools (e.g. HABB test & profile, Networking & Interviewing guide) were helpful, particularly when employed with guidance by a Career Joy coach. Communications with all Career Joy staff in the process was timely, friendly, respectful and helpful. I enjoyed the additional resources like Newsletters, and links to other articles. Option to have

Raymond Cronin

” I found the ability to contact my coach whenever I had a question, very helpful. 1 on 1 work with [my coach] was great! I love to be able to ask questions and get a full answer in person. The value of the process for me was changing my mind set. Before I started

Adrian Leva

“On a personal level I was able to understand my underlying motivating drivers, what I want out of my lifestyle, what I am able to compromise with, and what is an absolute necessity in my life. This was absolutely integral to my success going forward. On a professional level, I’m extremely close to closing an

Jennie MacCosham

“I’m very clear on my strengths and what I should pursue in terms of the ideal working environment for my personality, character, strengths, and future dreams. Realized the necessary attributes of a job that I need as well as what type of work I should be avoiding.   Confirmed innate strengths and also what does

Jonas Morris

“More self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses. A better understanding of myself and what it is I really want to do. The one-on-one sessions were helpful.” – Jonas Morris

Derek Eyer

“Personally, this program alleviated my anxieties towards the career search process. It showed me what I was doing right, what I needed to improve upon, as well as advice on putting forward my best image and avoiding common pitfalls.   Professionally, it broadened my perspective in understanding that career improvement is a difficult, long term

Inoka Dias

“The program worked for me. [My coach] and I had an immediate connection. She was so amazing to work with and really helped me on my journey. It was exactly as I expected.” – Inoka Dias

Jacquie Benjamin

“My Executive Coach was a wonderful fit, great synchronicity, excellent advice, very good contacts who were quite responsive and wonderful transitional and emotional support.   Value of the process allowed me really assess my personal and professional goals, skills and strengths and focus on looking for assessing work opportunities that would meet my personal and

Geoff Hendry

“I have made important connections through the informational process. I have a clear path and plan for my career and feel confident going forward. The value of the process was high as I felt I was treated compassionately during a time of emotional stress.   The exercises were valuable as they helped formalize the process

Christina Ellerton

“It helps you get unstuck and focuses on yourself more than focused on a career. People get stuck on a career and not looking into what makes you happy as a person. I found everything to be very helpful, especially the Highlands Ability Battery test – this is where I found my weaknesses and strengths.”