Ottawa Senators founder Bruce Firestone shares his perspective on winning

This weeks Podcast is with Bruce Firestone, which may or may not ring a bell, but without his involvement, there would most likely be no NHL hockey in Ottawa. Bruce had returned to Canada from Australia in 1982 to help with the family business. In 1987, the real estate market had shifted. Bruce went for

Michael Urlocker of The Disruption Group on radical change in careers and business

These are the best and most dangerous times to deal with change and risk; whether it is new competitors to your company, or a sudden change in your employment relationship. Michael Urlocker ( ondisruption.com) has spent his career observing and guiding businesses on how to thrive through change and uncertainty. Sit back relax, and learn!

Fair Trade Executive Director for Canada, Rob Clarke shares his advice on how to have a fair trade career

Do you have a fair trade deal with your current employer? Or is it more of a free trade relationship? Rob Clarke from TransFair Canada shares how fair trade has impacted many people across the globe, and how to apply these concepts in developing your own sustainable career. Sit back, relax and learn! http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-010.mp3Podcast: Play

Dove Canada Marketing Manager Alison Leung; Making a difference and making profit

Often I get the comment, I want to do something that is not only great professionally, but also makes a difference in this world. Alison is responsible managing the Dove brand in Canada. She has found a role in a global company that is not only a great fit, but helps women across the country

Thinking of starting your own business? The Humm founders Rob & Chris Riendeau

This weeks conversation is with Rob and Chris Riendeau founders of The Humm newspaper. They left the comfort of their traditional careers, to pursue a passion for an arts based newspaper. They share the lessons learned on starting up a business and the impact that it has had on their own life, and the life

Running Room Founder John Stanton shares his career wisdom, success one step at a time

Have you ever wanted to change an area in your life. This weeks conversation is with Running Room founder John Stanton, over 500,000 people have taken one of his running programs in Canada. He discusses some of his wise thoughts, on managing your career in a successful way. John shares his formula of providing great

Oneweekjob.com a career experiment. Alan interviews Sean Aiken about finding the right career

You have just graduated from University and have no clue what you want to do with your life, sound familiar? Alan interviews Sean Aiken of www.oneweekjob.com about the creation of his own career experiment. Sean will look for a new job every week for 5 months, work coast to coast and find that career he

Flygurlz founder Michelle Ward, shares how to turn your passion into a livelihood

Michelle is the founder of www.flygurlz.com one of the most innovative mountain biking companies in Canada. She has built a great business and, lifestyle around her passion for mountain biking and the community of women that she is focused on helping. She shares some of her “secrets” to finding this combination in her life, sit

Alan is interviewed on the principles of career coaching

Alan is interviewed on his philosophy about career coaching. He explains the 5 key elements that he has observed in his 15 years of helping professionals reach their full career potential. He explains the roles of talents, passions, values, ecosystem and lifestyle and their impact on finding the right career! http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-003.mp3Podcast: Play in new window

CBC radio show on career planning

Alan is interviewed on CBC radio radio noon all things career planning . He answers a number of call-in questions and shares his advice on managing your career in an increasingly complex world http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-CBC-01.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download