How to combine your MBA with your passion; Debbie Trenholm founder of The Savvy Grapes

This weeks conversation, is with Debbie Trenholm, founder of The Savvy Grapes. Her story is profiled in my book Get the Right Job Right Now! She shares, how she made the move from a corporate role in the technology sector, to creating her own career in the area of her passion, wine. Sit back, relax

2 simple keys to successful networking; Professor Eric Morse shares his expert perspective

Eric A. Morse, Ph.D. is the JR Shaw Professor of Entrepreneurship at The University of Western Ontario. He shares from his own very successful career, and research his experience and tips on how to network effectively for career success in todays job market. He is one of the experts profiled in my book Get the

Get the Right Job; Right Now! Alan is interviewed about his new book

This weeks podcast is with Mitch Joel of ForwardThinking who is interviewing me about my new book Get the Right Job; Right Now! Mitch and I discuss my research on the Canadian job market, I also share some of stories of professionals from PEI to Vancouver who have found their right job! Take a test

5 keys to getting the job you want from Olympic coach Peter Jensen

Looking to Get the Right Job ? Peter Jensen is Canada’s Olympic Psychologist, he helped the woman’s hockey team win gold in the 2006 Winter Olympics. Peter used 5 key ideas, to help them win Olympic gold, see how these relate to helping you get the role you really want! Sit back, relax and learn!

Diane Francis from The National Post on sustainable career success

Diane Francis of The National Post, went back to school at 29 and went on to become one of Canada’s most influential business writers. She shares 4 key principles that she has practiced, and recommends to have long term career success. She is one of the profiles, from my new book Get the Right Job;

Workopolis founder shares how to get the right job!

Kim Peters has had 3 of Canada’s most successful career sites including Workopolis and most recently Working.com. She shares her perspective on how to Get The Right Job and, how to do a smart job search. Visit our site to win one of 50 free copies of my new book Get The Right Job; Right

Ex NHL Player Sean Pronger discusses his career transition

Everyone is going to make a transition at some point in their career. Sean Pronger played in the NHL for 10 years, he shares his experience in identifying transferable skills, and how to land successfully in a new career.Sit back, relax and learn! http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-019_Sean_Pronger.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Laid off- Former CEO of Hydro One Eleanor Clitheroe shares how to deal with this

Getting laid off is one of the most challenging things to deal with, yet offers you a chance to revisit your future. Listen, as Eleanor Clitheroe the former CEO of Hydro One shares the things she learned and how it led her on a whole new, and more rewarding path. Sit back relax and learn!

How do you deal with failure: Scott Sandage author of Born losers

Failure and success, we can count on having both along our career journey. Scott Sandage professor of history at Carnegie Mellon University has invested much of his academic life studying failure. He shares how to rethink failure and success. Sit back, listen and learn! http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-014.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Image consultant & author Catherine Bell shares how to dress for success

7 % of your presentation is based upon your words. Queens executive MBA expert and author, Catherine Bell shares practical advice and tips. From from how you dress, to great interview tips. Sit back relax and learn! http://traffic.libsyn.com/careerjoy/CareerJoy-013.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download