Why work sucks & how to fix it | Podcast with Jodi Thompson co-author of Why Work Sucks & How to Fix It.

Are you micromanaged and feeling stressed about managing your time while at work? Do you work in an environment founded on the idea that being present = productivity? A lot has been said in recent years about finding work-life balance, about finding ways to enjoy both your career and your life. This week’s podcast is with Jody

Combining an MBA with a passion for Wine. The story of Debbie Trenholm founder of The Savvy Company

This weeks podcast is with Debbie Trenholm. Debbie came to see me when she was just about to graduate with her MBA. Debbie, while doing well at Quest Software, was really not as passionate about technology as she was with other interests in her life. Debbie wanted better. She had always planned on getting a Master’s Degree


This weeks Podcast is with a Herman and Candy Zapp. They are a remarkably normal couple, who spent 3 years and 9 months of their lives driving 43,000 miles from Argentina to Alaska in a 1928 Graham-Paige Model 610 Touring car with the top speed of 60 kmh. They have written a best selling book

Finding new opportunities in challenging times – Gad Shaanan, award winning WD-40 designer

One of the key questions that I hear today is, where are the new opportunities? With the amount of negative news it would seem like there is very few areas of the economy with needs. Ironically, there has never been more challenges. In the world around you, professionals and organizations are always looking for the

Daniel Coyle – NY Times best selling author The Talent Code

Daniel Coyle is a contributing editor for Outside magazine and the author of three books, including the New York Times bestseller Lance Armstrong’s War. He has written for Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine, and Play(including this March 2007 cover story which sparked The Talent Code), and is a two-time National Magazine Award finalist. Coyle lives with his wife, Jen, and their four children in Homer,

George Butterfield – Founder of Butterfield & Robinson | Canada's leading walking & biking touring company.

This week’s podcast – George Butterfield – Lawyer & Rhodes Scholar. He is the founder of Canada’s leading walking & biking touring company Butterfield & Robinson. George started his career in the typical way choosing to work for a large organization however, he quickly realized that his personality was not suited for the traditional path.

Larry Winget author of It's called work for a reason.

This week’s podcast is from a conversation that I had with Larry Winget, known as “The Pit-Bull of Self Development.” Larry is author of “It’s called work for a reason; your success is your own damn fault.” Larry shared 4 key career success principles, not matter what the economy, job market or the trends are. Sit back, relax

Harris Computer – Les entretiens d’évaluation qui soulignent ce qui est vraiment important

Selon une étude dirigée par le « Society for Human Resource Management », plus de 90% de gestionnaires trouvent que c’est un véritable défi d’administrer les entretiens d’évaluation qui sont à la fois honnêtes, utiles et motivants.  Malgré le potentiel de stress, c’est entendu que les employés désirent des retours positifs quant à leur performance

Harris Computer – Performance Reviews that Focus on What Really Matters

According to a study by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) over 90% of managers find it challenging to administer a performance review that is both honest, helpful and motivational.  Employees are desperate for constructive feedback yet find this stressful.  Let’s face it, you find this stressful as well, you as a manager are busy,

How to have a successful interview ( & reduce the hiring managers stress)

Heads you win, tails you loose. Does it ever feel the interview process is random, like flipping a coin? What are the keys to a great interview? How do you calm your nerves? What kinds of questions stand out in an interview? This week’s podcast is part 3a from The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar. Peter Harris from