Interview with Michael Urlocker Founder of The Disruption Group – How to deal with radical change

Is this current economy for you or against you? Where are the new opportunities in this current market? Who are the companies that will thrive amidst all the challenges that we face? This week’s podcast is with Michael Urlocker, Financial Post columnist and founder of The Disruption Group. His firm works with organizations leading them

Interview with leading expert on social connections University of Chicago Professor John Cacioppo author of Loneliness

Do you want to improve your performance at work? Do you desire less stress in your life? Want a higher probability of getting promoted? This week’s podcast is with distinguished University of Chicago Professor John Cacioppo the author of loneliness. John has done pioneering research on human nature and the need for social connection. In

The Adventures of Johnny Bunko – Daniel Pink and Rob Ten Pas creators of America's first book created in the Manga format

Are you looking for the secret to job security? This week’s podcast is with New York Times best selling author Daniel Pink and Rob Ten Pas the winner of TOKYOPOP’s annual Rising Stars of Manga Competition. Daniel and Rob are the creators of Johnny Bunko – The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. This is

Dress for success – Canada's Image Expert & author Catherine Bell

What role does the way you dress play in you getting the position that you are qualified for and want? This week’s podcast is with Catherine Bell Canada’s Image Expert and author of Managing Your Image Potential. Catherine works with the Queens Executive MBA program on presentation skills. According to a study by Syracuse University

Launi Skinner on 6 Keys to Career Success from The 2008 Canadian Career Summit

Are you feeling nervous about the state of the job market? Is now the time to take some risks in your career? It seems like we should all batton down the hatches and wait out this economic tsunami . This week’s podcast is a recording of the presentation that Launi Skinner, President of 1800GOTJUNK and

2008 Canadian Career Summit – Andrea Garson VP HR on myths and realities of the current job market

Did you wake up to good news in the newspaper this morning? Unlikely, since the headlines are very negative these days. I would strongly recommend that you listen to this week’s podcast. It is a recording of the presentation that Andrea Garson, V.P. HR for workopolis, gave at our recent conference held in Ottawa and

How to spread a rumor – Professor Nicholas Defonzo author of The Watercooler effect

This morning, as you gathered around the watercooler, you may have already started one, you may have been the subject of one – a rumor. This week’s podcast is with Professor Nicholas Defonzo, author of The Watercooler Effect . He is the leading world expert on why rumors spread. In some ways, I have always

What role does HR play in the job search process – VP of HR for Workopolis Andrea Garson shares her insider secrets

How does the job search process really work? How do human resources find people to interview from their database? What does manager look for in resume? Interviewing, what’s the secret. This week’s podcast is with Andrea Garson, Vice President of Human resources of Workopolis – Canada’s leading career website. Andrea has been involved with hiring

1800GOTJUNK President Launi Skinner shares how to successfully manager your career

Who is accountable for your career development, you or your company? This week’s podcast is with Launi Skinner, the new President of 1800GOTJUNK and one of the speakers at The 2008 Canadian Career Summit being held Tues Oct 14th in Ottawa and Thursday Oct 16th in Toronto. Launi recently left as President of North America

26 Canadian Woman share the secrets to authentic success

Do you feel like a square peg working in a round hole?. This week’s podcast is with Patricia Lovett-Reid Senior Vice-President of TD Waterhouse and author of Get Real – 26 Canadian Woman share the secrets of authentic success . She interviewed 26 successful Canadian women who had found the right balance in their professional