How to trade up-Kyle MacDonald World Record Trader Shares his Secrets

Maybe you desire to “trade up” by simplifying your life. Or maybe you have a big goal, such as starting a business or becoming the CEO of a company. This week’s podcast is with Kyle MacDonald, he is famous for trading one red paperclip for bigger and bigger things until he reached the ultimate trade:

Got Talent- Lynn Johnston creator of For Better or For Worse

Got Talent? This week’s podcast is with Lynn Johnston one of Canada’s most successful cartoonists and creator of the For Better or For Worse comic strip. Lynn started doodling in school, in fact it was her math teacher who first encouraged her to take her doodling seriously (he gave her an F in math and

Interview with Lyman MacInnis author of How to Succeed at Anything by Really Trying

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to achieve great success, while others seem to struggle? What is the difference in the actions, and attitudes between the two groups? This week’s podcast is with Lyman MacInnis author of How to Succeed in Anything by Really Trying I have to say, this

The Joy T-Shirt Project- The gift that keeps on giving; Interview with founder Jeff Woodrow

What kinds of T-shirts do you have in your closet? I have a few favorites, one of them is a picture of an igloo with the caption “The Canadian White House” We usually wear t-shirts either because we identify with the cause, brand or idea and we want to share this with the world. This

Cathy Keates author of Not For Sale;Why We Need a Whole New Job Search Mindset

How often do you do enter into a job search in your career? Where did you learn to do an effective job search campaign? This week’s podcast is with Cathy Keates M.A. author of Not For Sale – Why We Need a New Job Search Mindset Cathy has been a career counselor for over 10

Podcast with Gail Vaz-Oxlade host of "Till debt do us part"- Money and your career

Why do you work? When I ask this question in our weekly tele-WORKshop one of the most popular answers is, “for the money”. This week’s podcast is with Gail Vaz-Oxlade host of the popular TV show Till Debt Do Us Part. Gail is one of Canada’s leading experts on money and it’s impact on our

Tova White Sr V.P of HR Chapters Indigo shares how employers find great people

Where do top HR professionals find their best people? a Growing companies are in constant need of finding the right people for their team, even in this economy. This week’s podcast is with Tova White, Executive VP of Human Resources at Chapters/Indigo. I have been in a number of their stores over the years adding

How to make a great impression in an interview- Frances Cole Jone author of How to Wow

Have you ever left an interview thinking that you got the job, only later to discover that they chose another candidate? Why do some people do well in interviews, while others who are equally or more qualified don’t get the job? I would like to suggest that the person who got the position might have

Debi Rosati Corporate Director of Sears shares the value of professional mentors

Who do you turn to when looking for career advice? Do you rely on books, friends or the internet? All of those are good places, however the best advice comes directly from mentors. This week’s podcast is with Debi Rosati C.A. ICD.D. who is a Corporate Director on a number of boards including, Sears Canada

How to find a new opportunity in a tough economy- WD-40 Award Winning Designer Gad Shaanan

One of the key questions that I hear today is, where are the new opportunities? With the amount of negative news it would seem like there is very few areas of the economy with needs. Ironically, there has never been more challenges. In the world around you, professionals and organizations are always looking for the