U2 & Southwest Airlines-Purpose + profit – Margaret Benefiel author of Soul @ work

What does Southwest Airlines and U2 have in common, while yes, U2 needs transportation for it’s tours, both organizations have found a sustainable way to balance purpose, people and profit. This weeks podcast is our webinar with Margaret Benefiel PH.D author and Frank Falk producer on CBC radio. They both shared their perspectives on how

Careers In non-profit. Maggie Leithead President Charity Village

Do you know that over there are over 2 million people working in the nonprofit sector in Canada? Are you considering exploring a career in this sector? This weeks podcast is from our recent Career Development Webinar – Careers in the non-profit. Our panelists were Veronica Utton, Director, Human Resources with UNICEF Canada, Michelle Baldwin

Careers In non-profit. Rob Clarke Executive Director of TransFair Canada

Do you feel that your work makes a difference in peoples lives? Have you ever considered working in the not-for-profit sector? This weeks podcast is with Robert Clarke, Executive Director of the TransFair Canada, this not-for-profit organization is responsible for managing the fair trade certification of products in Canada. Rob spent 20 years in the

When is it too late to change careers? 101 Virgil Coffman worlds oldest owner of 2010 Camaro SS shares his advice

I am often asked, when is too late to change your career direction? That depends on how old you are. Now I don’t mean biologically, I mean in your own mind. This weeks podcast is with Virgil Coffman who will turn 102 in January, he just picked up his 2010 426 hp Camaro – Transformers

Scott Sandage- Author of Born Losers- What Failure can teach us…

How do you deal with failure? This weeks podcast is with Scott Sandage author of Born Losers- A History of Failure in America. Failure is common in all of our careers, it is inherent with taking risk in our lives. Scottâs book describes in an interesting way how failure has come to be viewed in

CBC's The Current -Anna Maria Tremonti interviews Laurell Ritchie & Alan Kearns on the current state of employment

What is the current state of the job market? Where are the quality jobs? What defines a good job these days? This week is a special podcast recorded from CBC’s radio show The Current. Host Anna Maria Tremonti, Laurell Ritchie National Representative from the Canadian Auto Workers, and myself discussed the state of employment in

Career Advice from Jesse Brown founder of Bistrips and host of TVO's Search Engine

Do you feel like you have to make the hard bargain between doing work that pays the bills, and pursuing something that you would really like to do? Do you feel like you are in career handcuffs (even if they are golden)? How do you find something you can truly call your own? This week’s

Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Author Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D on how to survive office insanity

Do you ever find yourself asking the question “am I the only sane one working here?” This week’s podcast is with Albert J. Bernstein Ph.D author of the book (surprise) Am I the only SANE ONE working here? Bernie is a psychologist, best selling author and leading expert in workplace conflict resolution. This book came

Find Your Great Work – Interview with Michael Bunger Stanier

Hands up if you have been looking forward to a great week at work this morning? Have you been counting down the hours till work, fresh from your thanksgiving dinner(s), full of turkey & stuffing, relaxed by red wine and sweetened by pumpkin pie (not that you need it) This week’s podcast is with Michael

Terry O'Reilly from CBC's The Age of Persuasion shares the keys to marketing yourself

How many times have you been rejected or ignored by potential employers? Ever wonder how to market yourself better? When do you stop trying? This weeksâs podcast is with Terry O’Reilly a leader in the Canadian advertising industry, the man behind the popular CBC series The Age of Persuasion and the winner of over 400