[MMM] Are you waiting or creating?

Happy Tuesday Morning!   For the long weekend flew out to Calgary to visit some friends. As I was driving to the airport to meet my family, I spotted at least 30 limos parked in a holding area. The drivers were sitting in their cars, waiting for their turn to pick up passengers at the

[FLR] Want Your Team to Work Together? Start a Fight.

Happy Friday!   Let’s face it, we’ve all been on both sides of a really tough conversation. Neither party truly wants to be there. However, depending on how you approach issues around performance or substantive elements in an an organization good things can happen.   There is a saying, “The truth will set you free.”

[MMM] One Person’s Career That Stands the Test of Time

Happy Monday Morning!   As I drink my coffee from my mug here in Vancouver, I ponder the lessons I learned while exploring Orca’s Island a few years ago. It’s a relatively small island, so I had rented a little moped to explore the different places.   I stopped at Olga Pottery a store owned by Jerry Weatherman. His work is

[MMM] Leadership is about Being Gracious in Winning & Losing

Happy Monday Morning!   To be frank I’m not a huge sports fan. However, over this past month you really couldn’t have been near any public place without noticing the excitement about a small round ball.   Some have said this World Cup was one of the most exciting in its history.   I was struck by

[FLR] Thank You – We’re Honoured by the Opportunity to Serve You

Happy Friday!   As you know we usually focus on all things leadership on Fridays. I thought I would share with you something that we are incredibly proud of as a team. I’m proud to announce that for the second time, HR Reporter has named us Readers’ Choice Awards Winner for our outplacement services in Canada.   HR Reporter is

[MMM] – Career Questions – I Tried Google Too | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   I have been very fortunate to have great health, I have rarely been to the doctor in my life. I was speaking to somebody recently about his advice of getting a physical on a regular basis. I am at an age where that is probably wise. He spoke of his own

[MMM] The #1 Summer Tip to Boost Productivity at Work | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday Morning!   Just saying the word feels good.   Vacation.   I was looking up the etymology of the word vacation and it had never occurred to me until today that there is a connection between the words “vacate” and “vacation”. This word “vacation” originates from the Latin vacationem meaning “leisure, freedom from obligations, exemption, a being

[FLR] How to deal with office politics

Happy Friday!   You don’t have to play the game, but you need to know the rules.   Most professionals don’t like the idea of politics in the workplace. The reality is politics are everywhere.The other reality is that some people enjoy politics, and they tend to be good at it – while others don’t.   You

[MMM] How Canada Day represents opportunity

Happy Tuesday Morning!   On Sunday we celebrated all things that make our country so great. One of the things that I most appreciate is the ability for people in Canada to have the freedom to stay true to their culture, language, religion and values. This country offers, in a very unique way, the opportunity

[FLR] The Greatest Canadian Leaders You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Happy Friday!   This weekend we will be celebrating all things Canadian. There are many things to be appreciated about our country including plenty of Canadian organizations of which we can be proud.   Our pride should flow freely when we consider we have MEC for our casual and camping wear, Dollarama for our kids’ party supplies,