[FLR] Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say

Happy Friday,   I discovered my love for words later in my life. I discovered this through the writing of Margaret Visser in her Massey Lectures and especially through the book “Beyond Fate” which is based upon those lectures. What I appreciate the most is the way she gets to the heart of the matter by examining

[MMM] Family Day Weekend, Work & Lessons From Kobe Bryant

Good Tuesday morning,   I am sure, as a majority of Canadians this past weekend, you took some time to be with your family & friends with the extended family day long weekend.   Over these past few weeks, I have been impressed upon the outpouring of support, grief & admiration for Kobe Bryant. While

[FLR] How To Go Faster

Happy Friday!   At first, I really did shake my head. “A Starbucks drive-through? Seriously?” I’ve had to eat those words (literally) as I have been through—you guessed it—a Starbucks drive-through on hundreds of occasions. Our lives are moving faster and we are all looking for ways to get more done with less time.   Speed

[MMM] The Power of 3 – Why It Takes More Than Talent In Your Career

Good Monday morning,   You truly can get lost on The YouTube.   My kids always laugh when I call it that.   This past week, while looking at whales jumping into boats, people crashing grocery carts & all the incredibly interesting, inspiring videos you can watch about cats that can talk, I bumped into

[FLR] What Drives All Of Your Decisions?

Happy Friday morning,   I don’t have time. I’m too busy. I don’t have the budget I don’t have enough resources on my team. I don’t have the capacity.   Here’s the key.   You have all of the above.   You have chosen to invest them towards people, projects & goals that you value

[MMM] Three Things To Remember in Turbulent Times

Good Monday morning,   You may be a nervous or a happy flyer.   I get enthused every time I get on a plane. I guess my son, who is an airline pilot with Sunwing, gets his passion honestly.   This week, I was flying out to our Vancouver office; generally, they are relatively good

[FLR] Leading The 4 Phases of Crisis Management in the Age of Coronavirus

Happy Friday.   I was in Yorkdale Mall yesterday & was astounded with how quiet it was. I asked the salesperson at Nordstrom if this was just a slow day.   They responded that the entire week was incredibly quiet.   The reason why?   Coronavirus.   The first new disease outbreak, in the social

[MMM] The Two Habits That May Be Hurting or Helping Your Career

Happy Monday Morning,   We all have habits in our life. Olympic athletes have Olympic habits, while others with similar talent struggle. Our good habits such as a strong work ethic, regular exercise & consistency in our activity, help support the kind of career & life we want. Our poor habits interfere with these desires.

[FLR] Are You A “Likeable” Leader?

Happy Friday,   As a leader, there is an interesting balance to being “liked”. Research shows that there are three personality traits that stand out and make for collaborative and cooperative team members:   Selflessness Tolerance Flexibility   It makes sense. The more we like our leaders, the more we tend to respect them. I recognize it is

[MMM] The One Word You Never Want To Use as Leader

Happy Monday morning,   I was having a conversation with a senior leader at one of our clients. She described her corporate culture as a family.   She shared the “F” word, no, not that one.   The word “family.”   That word is loaded with deep meaning, responsibilities & expectations.   These past two