[MMM] Doing This at Work Will Raise Your Performance 10x

Good Monday morning,   It’s officially winter in our fair land. How do I know this? I’ve brought the Instant Pot out, again.   What’s an Instant Pot you may be asking? It’s basically the best thing since sliced bread.   In 2008, Robert Wang & Yi Quin, former employees of Nortel in Ottawa, spent 18 months working on designs

[FLR] Why Older Workers Are The Happiest Employees

Happy Friday,       Is there age bias in our workforce? If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes we undervalue the role of the mature professional. Smart leaders will nurture & protect the benefits that employees with good experience can bring to an employer.   FastCompany |  Why Older Workers Are The Happiest Employees   Financial Post | Most Older Workers Who Leave

[MMM] When You’re Ready & Qualified For Your Next Role Don’t Say This

I love space. In fact, I am a bit of a space geek. I have early memories of going to Cape Canaveral with my parents. I have read or seen a bunch of documentaries about the space program and the astronaut’s journey.This week, I was travelling and had the opportunity to hear Terry Virts share

[FLR] How Leaders Can Balance Logic And Emotion To Make Better Decisions

Happy Friday,   Today is both Black Friday and …wait for it … Buy Nothing Day.   So we have two competing agendas for the same day.   As a leader, this is a tension we all have been a part of. How do you deal with the need to grow a business and reduce costs? How do

[MMM] Why Being a Perfect Leader is All Wrong

Happy Monday morning,   For many years the Lexus brand message was “The relentless pursuit of perfection”. It’s a very strong statement that tells you about their commitment to building a “perfect” product.    It sounds like a catchy tagline.   The reality is, it’s unachievable.    Cars will break down, designs will fail, you

[FLR] This is why your employees cut corners (and what to do about it)

Happy Friday,   I was having a conversation with my son this summer about some work and life principles. He was sharing his frustrations about getting things done and about the challenges he is facing. What I realized is that most of the challenges related to work are often not personal. Peers and leaders often

[MMM] How to Nail Your Next Job Interview or Presentation

Happy Monday,   I’ve been running for over 25 years now and had never had a running injury. That is, I’d never had an injury until I walked out of my office one winter day and slipped on ice and rolled on my ankle. I tore a bunch of ligaments and for a number of

[FLR] Bosses: This is how to inspire your employees to become leaders

Are you an inspiring leader? When you look at at the etymology of inspire, you see that it originates from the Latin word “inspirare” which means, “to blow into and breathe upon” as well as the Greek word “pnein” meaning “to influence or animate with an idea or purpose.”   Often we think inspirational means loud

[MMM] Two keys that smart leaders use to motivate their work in all circumstances

Happy Monday,   My Mondays always start with me taking myself out for a coffee. That may sound strange, but it is my time to myself to think and review the previous week and get a sense of focus for the new week.   While at my “meeting” I happened to observe an interaction between a

[FLR] If you want to be a real leader, quit being fake

For Halloween this year you may have dressed as Tonya Harding, a Fortnite character or maybe Wonder Woman but you most likely did not dress as Donald Trump. These are the trending Halloween costumes according to Google trends. Trump has dropped from in the top 10 in 2017 to 71st this year.   When you