[MMM] 90% of The Work You Do Is Not Visible | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday,   I think we truly were reminded across the nation last week of what it means to live in a northern climate with all the sever winter storms across the nation. I was thinking about the north and the beauty of the landscape, particularly icebergs. According to Wikipedia, the word “iceberg” originates from the dutch

[FLR] Improve your leadership skills while eating nachos

Happy Friday,     We know what 111 million+ people are going to be doing this Sunday night…watching The Super Bowl. The game will be won and lost not on talent, effort or “luck.” It will be won by the team that is coached most effectively. So lean back, and enjoy the game while taking note of the key leadership skills

[MMM] Your Gateway Drug to the Change You’re Thinking About at Work

Good Monday morning,   I am currently working through my Masters degree and I was on course for the first two weeks in January in Vancouver on the University of British Columbia campus. The beautiful thing about the program (apart from the learning) is the people with whom I am studying. They are from all

[FLR] The A-Z of Leadership Wisdom

Happy Friday,       Google is great at information. Wisdom, on the other hand, is not so much a strength of Google’s. According to Wikipedia, wisdom is described as “The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.” One of the things that employees are desperate for in their leader is wisdom.

[MMM] $24.92 To Solve A Very Frustrating Problem | Monday Morning Motivator

Good Monday Morning!     I bought a new car in the fall and had been having an issue with one tire that kept going low. The way I figured it, I needed to either buy a new tire or keep filling it up every so often. In order to save the $300 a new tire

[FLR] “Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?”

Happy Friday,   In the TED talk linked below, Dr. Stuart Brown noticed a co-relation between play & its impact in all dimensions of our lives, including work. Leaders can find ways to increase productivity through introducing an environment that takes work a bit less seriously, but is more productive, smarter & more profitable at the same

[MMM] Investing your time in 2019

Good Monday Morning!     We are heading into the final leg of the RRSP season and I can guarantee that you will be bombarded with advertisements encouraging you to invest in a certain stock or mutual fund. Each organization will try to convince you that they will offer you the best return for your money.  

[FLR] Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was listening to an interview about meetings at Google. A majority of meetings in their company are a maximum of 30 minutes; any longer and people will start leaving. I also heard of another company where the CEO holds meetings standing up to encourage focus and time efficiency. As you lead

[FLR] Starting with a Blank Sheet

Happy Friday.   As we start 2019, if we are honest, it’s a mixture of excitement and it can be somewhat intimidating.    Blank sheets are what the best authors and the most talented leaders get excited about.    The thrill of the new.   Org redesign: start with a blank page | McKinsey  

[MMM] Your career goals are closer than they appear

Good morning,   Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.    Every time you get in your car, this truth is spoken to you.   This safety requirement is engraved on passenger side mirrors of vehicles in the USA, Canada and India. The mirror’s convexity gives you a better field of view but