[MMM] How to Nail Your Next Job Interview or Presentation

Happy Monday,   I’ve been running for over 25 years now and had never had a running injury. That is, I’d never had an injury until I walked out of my office one winter day and slipped on ice and rolled on my ankle. I tore a bunch of ligaments and for a number of

[FLR] Bosses: This is how to inspire your employees to become leaders

Are you an inspiring leader? When you look at at the etymology of inspire, you see that it originates from the Latin word “inspirare” which means, “to blow into and breathe upon” as well as the Greek word “pnein” meaning “to influence or animate with an idea or purpose.”   Often we think inspirational means loud

[MMM] Two keys that smart leaders use to motivate their work in all circumstances

Happy Monday,   My Mondays always start with me taking myself out for a coffee. That may sound strange, but it is my time to myself to think and review the previous week and get a sense of focus for the new week.   While at my “meeting” I happened to observe an interaction between a

[FLR] If you want to be a real leader, quit being fake

For Halloween this year you may have dressed as Tonya Harding, a Fortnite character or maybe Wonder Woman but you most likely did not dress as Donald Trump. These are the trending Halloween costumes according to Google trends. Trump has dropped from in the top 10 in 2017 to 71st this year.   When you

[MMM] 1 simple idea to move your career forward, guaranteed!

Good Monday morning,    Let’s face it. For most of us, we don’t exactly look forward to the chore of cleaning our home. Then, came the Dyson.    James Dyson, founder of The Dyson Company, has completely revolutionized an entire vacuuming industry. In 1993, he launched the first bagless vacuum cleaner. The company has evolved to

[FLR] Clearing the haze on marijuana in the workplace

Happy Friday,   How was your first week?   It’s officially the end of the first full week of legalized cannabis in Canada. It’s time to get out of the weeds in this discussion (pun intended).   You may have heard that pilots and flight attendants at Air Canada are not allowed to use cannabis at

[MMM] Resiliency in times of transition requires the right mindset and skill set

Happy Monday,   I had a conversation with a HR leader this week who is leading a large restructuring project within her company. She cares deeply about the people she works with. She has a lot on her plate, managing all of the aspects of the project while at the same time giving good counsel to her

[MMM] Leadership is all about common sense

Happy Monday,   “Wow, that is a lovely shirt you are wearing. What brand is it?”   “Kodak.”   “Kodak, like Kodak the film?”   “Yes.”   Can you imagine your colleague at work showing off their new Kodak shirt?   Guess what is coming to a Forever 21 store near you? Kodak branded clothing.  

[FLR] Email Spells Disaster For Leadership Connection

Happy Friday,   We’ve all had that moment.”Oh no, why did I send that email?” Maybe you were reacting to something without thinking through the consequences, or maybe you reread that sent email and were wondering if you had the incorrect tone. Is it that you saw a previous response to an email and you

[MMM] The Science Behind The Thankful Leader

Happy Tuesday,   I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend and that it came with all the trimmings.   I just finished a leadership coaching session with one of my clients. There has been tremendous progress in her organization and particularly in her growth as a leader.   I asked her, “Are you happier?”   She