[MMM] The Myths & Truths of Working at Home (No I’m not taking a nap…)

I received a note this week from a major educational institution shifting all of their programs online. What struck me was the comment “staff and faculty will continue to work on campus.”   I had to re-read this statement as it struck me as so problematic &, quite frankly, irresponsible in so many ways. We

[FLR] Working and Leading from Home

We recognize that we are in very unusual times.   Many individuals and organizations have moved to working remotely due to the Coronavirus.   Working remotely is something that has had to grow on me since I spent most of my professional career working in an office. Once I started our firm I wanted to

[MMM] Leading During Pandemic Fears: Panicked or Practical?

We live in interesting times.   When a person uses the word “interesting,” you usually have to pause to consider what they are saying. To be frank, usually, it’s a softer way of saying “troubling” times.   We had a team meeting on Friday to discuss all the different realities of a world & economy seemingly

[FLR] Leading amidst coronavirus concerns

We are leading in very strange times.   Many organizations are asking how to best manage their workforce as it relates to the coronavirus. Companies are modifying their day-to-day operations in response to the outbreak. Some leaders are limiting travel unless absolutely necessary. One of our global management consulting clients is not allowing any meetings with more

[FLR] The Micromanager Makeover

Happy Friday!   To micromanage or not to micromanage, that is the question. There are different perspectives on this topic. Someone with an alternate perspective might ask the question, “when does a leader need to be more actively involved in the details of a project”? I think there are times to be more actively involved and times

[MMM] When You’re Ready & Qualified For Your Next Role Don’t Say This

I love space. In fact, I am a bit of a space geek. I have early memories of going to Cape Canaveral with my parents. I have read or seen a bunch of documentaries about the space program and the astronaut’s journey.This week, I was travelling and had the opportunity to hear Terry Virts share

[FLR] Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say

Happy Friday,   I discovered my love for words later in my life. I discovered this through the writing of Margaret Visser in her Massey Lectures and especially through the book “Beyond Fate” which is based upon those lectures. What I appreciate the most is the way she gets to the heart of the matter by examining

[MMM] Family Day Weekend, Work & Lessons From Kobe Bryant

Good Tuesday morning,   I am sure, as a majority of Canadians this past weekend, you took some time to be with your family & friends with the extended family day long weekend.   Over these past few weeks, I have been impressed upon the outpouring of support, grief & admiration for Kobe Bryant. While

[FLR] How To Go Faster

Happy Friday!   At first, I really did shake my head. “A Starbucks drive-through? Seriously?” I’ve had to eat those words (literally) as I have been through—you guessed it—a Starbucks drive-through on hundreds of occasions. Our lives are moving faster and we are all looking for ways to get more done with less time.   Speed

[MMM] The Power of 3 – Why It Takes More Than Talent In Your Career

Good Monday morning,   You truly can get lost on The YouTube.   My kids always laugh when I call it that.   This past week, while looking at whales jumping into boats, people crashing grocery carts & all the incredibly interesting, inspiring videos you can watch about cats that can talk, I bumped into