[MMM] Finding The Right Work Situation

Happy Monday Morning!   I heard a great quote recently: “On the other side of complexity lies simplicity”.   Being in the right work situation is complex.   I have spent the majority of my professional career, researching, writing, speaking, coaching and working in the real world with real people. Much of my time has

[FLR] The A-Z of Leadership Wisdom

Happy Friday,       Google is great at information. Wisdom, on the other hand, is not so much a strength of Google’s. According to Wikipedia, wisdom is described as “The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.” One of the things that employees are desperate for in their leader is wisdom.

[MMM] I Know for Certain Changes are Coming in Your Career….

Happy Monday morning,   This week, I was driving through my little town and noticed a new sign.   “Winter parking enforcement rules are in place from November 15 to April 1”. Like most people in Ontario, I woke up on Wednesday with snow on my front yard. The day before it had been almost

[FLR] Investing in Training

Happy Friday,   I for one, am really excited about the snow. Why you may ask? I am looking forward to returning to skiing after 15+ yrs of snowboarding. I just bought new boots & the gentleman from Sporting Life did an excellent job guiding me on the right brand and fit. He had just

[MMM] The Three Most Important Words on Nov 11

Lest we forget.   Today, Nov 11 is the day we remember.   Lest we forget, those that served in peacekeeping missions.   Lest we forget, those that rescued the lost at sea.   Lest we forget, those that fed & protected those in refugee camps.   Lest we forget, those that spent months away

[FLR] Five Ways to Build Leadership Skills in an Entry-Level Job

Happy Friday,    There is a saying, “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them.”   I agree. We are all born to lead at least one person in our lives and it’s ourselves.   Are you a leader? You may or may not have the title of a leader. We recognize that there are different phases of leadership from

[MMM] Why Your Work on Monday Doesn’t Have to Suck

Good Monday morning,   I’m a water baby. I came by this honestly having been born within a half-hour drive of an ocean.   I spent most of my younger life near or on water. As a teenager, all of my part-time job and summer jobs were spent working as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and

[FLR] “Managers: Ask Yourself These Six Questions Daily”

Happy Friday,    What do you think is a good solution?  Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful.   A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions are often more

[MMM] Why Justin Trudeau Won – The Best Job Search Campaign

Good Monday morning,   As a team, we were discussing the election results, what we thought went well & what went poorly in the campaigns & their impact on the outcome of the election. We discussed strategy, branding, messaging, the debates & how each leader went about “applying” to get “hired” for the biggest job

[FLR] Listening is an Overlooked Leadership Tool

Happy Friday,   The people have spoken.   We have made a choice for whom we will be forming our next government. Like all complex choices in life, you will never really know what you have chosen, until you see the impact of this choice upon your life & in this case our country.