[MMM] Hey Siri, What Salary Can I Earn as a…. (Why Voice Search is Changing Everything)

Good Monday morning,   I have to admit, I’m really getting much more used to not typing anymore. What do you mean, you may be asking?   “Hey Siri, where is the closest gas station?””Siri, where can I find the best place for Chinese food?””Siri, what time does my flight arrive in Vancouver?”   Here are

[FLR] The Complexity of Mid-Level Management

Happy Friday,   I think the mid-level management role is one of the more complex phases in a leadership career.   You sit between the senior leadership team & your team. You often don’t have control over major decisions & yet it is your role to communicate & lead the charge.   At your level,

[MMM] One Way I Guarantee You’ll Get the Role You Deserve ( 1 Thing Justin Trudeau & Andrew Scheer have in common)

Good Monday morning,   Well, it’s finally happening, our national election. It seems we have been in election mode since the beginning of the year.   There are currently 338 openings across the country for MP’s & one role as the Prime Minister. There are over 2000 candidates vying for those jobs.   I know

[FLR] Are You a Focused Leader?

Happy Friday,My dogs and I have one thing in common,Squirrels.I don’t mean literally. Leaders like you and I are constantly having new questions, needs & challenges come our way. How do we avoid getting distracted by squirrels or in my case, pressing concerns? How do we get stuff done & stay on track?Systems.This week, I

[MMM] Why Focus Is So Important In Leadership

Happy Monday Morning,   September is already halfway done and for most of us in business the month of September is like the start of a new year. It is a great time to get a new sense of purpose, rethink priorities and renew your focus for the coming year. “Focus” means “point of convergence.”  

[FLR] Are You a Traditional or Collaborative Leader?

Sept 23, 2016| The “Round Table” Edition Happy Friday, I’ve always been a big fan of round tables. Often we think a leader should be sitting at the head of the board room table. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor at Harvard Business School shared, “Collaborative leaders are those who recognize that there are critical business relationships that cannot

[MMM] The Recipe for Career Success

Good Monday morning,   I have the recipe for success and it’s really simple.    I grew up in a Irish home where the most exciting kitchen invention ever introduced was the microwave. For most people, microwaves have their place reheating leftovers and making microwave popcorn. I don’t believe they were ever intended to cook a meal, but

[FLR] Why Your Hiring Process Keeps Missing Candidates’ Flaws

Happy Friday,   One of our clients has built the most successful office in his organization. What is his strongest attribute as a leader?   His ability to identify, hire, and keep the right people on his team. What is your success rate?    One simple idea we discussed in one of our coaching sessions 5 years ago, was

[MMM] Happy New Year (the real one) | New Fall Work Routines That Make a Difference

Good Tuesday morning,   Happy New Year! Yes, you are reading that correctly. September is officially the new January first.   Fall has a whole new rhythm. The demands on deliverables and the the pace of work picks up.   There are some obvious reasons that this happens: a majority of the team is now

[FLR] Ten Things Only Bad Managers Say

Happy Friday,   I discovered my love for words later in my life. I discovered this through the writing of Margaret Visser in her Massey Lectures and especially through the book “Beyond Fate” which is based upon those lectures. What I appreciate the most is the way she gets to the heart of the matter by examining