[FLR] Why you don’t need a clear path to be successful

Happy Friday,   From the outside things seem really simple:    1. Leader creates an idea   2. Idea gets funding   3. Idea comes to market    4. Product is a success   5. Leader is promoted   As leaders know, it may seem like it is very simple to execute an idea successfully.

[MMM] One Person’s Career That Stands the Test of Time

Happy Monday Morning!   As I drink my coffee from my mug here in Vancouver, I ponder the lessons I learned while exploring Orca’s Island a few years ago. It’s a relatively small island, so I had rented a little moped to explore the different places.   I stopped at Olga Pottery a store owned by Jerry Weatherman. His work

[FLR] 3 Times When it’s Better to Work Alone, Rather Than on a Team

Happy Friday,   Of course, team is core in any organization, but there are times when working alone & on an independent project is of great importance. Taking the time to process ideas & create is key. You can see how “group” think can at times hold things back or reduce the overall impact. As

[MMM] How to Get 20/20 Vision for Your Career

Welcome to the first Monday in the 20’s.   What is your theme for this year?   What I enjoy about a new year is the ability to revisit what has been successful & to think about ways to improve.   For me & for our team the theme is   20/20 Vision   Yes,

[FLR] Secrets Of People Who Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Happy Friday,   Like many leaders, I am sure that you have laid out a new set of goals for this new year and maybe even some resolutions.   It’s hard to believe that we are about to begin the first work week of 2020. One of my goals was to read more this year, by removing

[MMM] The Last Monday of 2019 You May be Looking for This – A McEpiphany

Happy Monday morning,   As you start the last few days of 2019 & consider 2020 you may be looking for this.   A “McEpiphany.”   What’s that you ask?   I heard of the term last year in the obituary of the NY Times best-selling children’s author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She authored more than

[FLR] The Best Way to Use the Last Friday of 2019

Happy Friday,   As you ponder this past year, you like most leaders will be spending time reviewing & analyzing what worked well & why, both in your own role & in your team’s performance.   It is a discipline that I do on Jan 1 each year. I grab my journal & do a

[MMM] Your Next Career Opportunity is as Close as Under Your Christmas Tree

Happy Monday morning,   Some people are just really really good at it. I am not.   What is “it”?   Wrapping presents.   I have to admit that a nicely wrapped gift, well, it just seems so much more valuable and personal. But some people are just so much better with tape, scissors and

[FLR] It’s who you spend your time with that matters

Happy Friday, As we head into the holidays, we have the time and space to think upon all of the things that truly matter in our lives: our families, friendships, careers, communities and all of the blessings we have received this past year. The greatest gift we can give and receive is a generous heart and

[MMM] Why You & Your Work Matters (This is my hope)

Happy Monday morning,   This past week, I took a flight to Cancun with Sunwing Airlines. It was an opportunity to get away with my best friend just before the busyness of the holiday season.   On the flight, I took an opportunity to stretch my legs and was chatting with the flight attendants. This