[MMM] 8 Ways COVID Will Transform the Economy and Disrupt Every Business

Good Monday morning,   It’s been quite the past couple of months. As I think about all the changes that we’ve gone through, there are still so many that are yet to come. We have immersed ourselves in technology even more to maintain connections with others which only amplifies the lesson that we are still

It is a Time for Leaders & All of Us to Reboot the Workplace

Happy Friday,   We’ve all had that frustration – you’re working on your laptop and your frustration is rising as it takes longer and longer for your windows and pages to load.   It’s a lot like you might feel right now about our larger situation, as it seems to be taking longer than expected

MMM | Why You May Not Be Back in Your Office ’til 2021

  This weekend, I am finding it is starting to feel more “normal” when you have to run errands. There is something comforting seeing movement back in our society & economy.   In the world of work, more & more organizations are starting to open up. Our clients are working through return and recovery plans

[FLR] Remote Work Burnout – 3 Tips to Help Leaders

Happy Friday,   One thing I have noticed is the impact of working remotely on myself due to the sense of less connectivity with my team.   We are talking, zooming (yes, this is now a word), emailing, & texting.   Yet, it’s not the same.   There’s a new phenomenon happening;   Remote work

[FLR] Creativity During a Crisis

Happy Friday,   Like many of you, I was particularly looking forward to this weekend.   I realized mid-week that I was feeling more weary than normal.   I think a long weekend is exactly what we all need. For me & my team, these last 8 weeks have been full of challenges &, fortunately,

[FLR] What Smart Leaders are Saying – The Power of I Don’t Know (& why you should say that too…)

Happy Friday,   I was having a serious conversation with one of our corporate clients.   We were discussing her thoughts about what may happen next in a particular division as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.   She stated, “I don’t know…”   My internal sense was one of relief.   It was totally

[FLR] 8 Books Leaders Are Reading In Times of Crisis

Happy Friday,   Leaders are readers.   One of my favourite discussions to have with our leadership coaching clients is inquiring about what books they are reading.   The best leaders are the best readers.   In the midst of this time when everything is being disrupted you need to think.   Words are the fuel for thinking.

[MMM] Lady Gaga & The Real Superheroes in Our World

Like the gazillions of other people, we watched the One World virtual concert – to be frank, I had mixed feelings about it.   The stars singing & sharing their thoughts – at different times I enjoyed the music, it was inspiring & at other moments, it felt disingenuous.   I was inspired by the

[MMM] When We Are All Working from Home – We Better Damn Enjoy What We Do …

I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend.   Often when I hear something that I think is relevant, I will put it in my note section as an idea that inspires me or something I would like to explore more.   As I was pondering what to write this week & I looked in that

[MMM] The COVID-19 Work at Home Honeymoon (if there ever was one…) is Officially Over

Last week was our third “official” WFH week.   This is a little longer Monday Morning Motivator than usual. To be frank, we have had lots of people enquiring & asking lots of questions about the current scenario.   I am sure your team, like ours, is starting to find a new “normal.” We are