[MMM] Why Your Work on Monday Doesn’t Have to Suck

Good Monday morning,   I’m a water baby. I came by this honestly having been born within a half-hour drive of an ocean.   I spent most of my younger life near or on water. As a teenager, all of my part-time job and summer jobs were spent working as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and

[FLR] “Managers: Ask Yourself These Six Questions Daily”

Happy Friday,    What do you think is a good solution?  Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful.   A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions are often more

[MMM] Why Justin Trudeau Won – The Best Job Search Campaign

Good Monday morning,   As a team, we were discussing the election results, what we thought went well & what went poorly in the campaigns & their impact on the outcome of the election. We discussed strategy, branding, messaging, the debates & how each leader went about “applying” to get “hired” for the biggest job

[FLR] Listening is an Overlooked Leadership Tool

Happy Friday,   The people have spoken.   We have made a choice for whom we will be forming our next government. Like all complex choices in life, you will never really know what you have chosen, until you see the impact of this choice upon your life & in this case our country.  

[MMM] What Is the Best Choice For Your Future

Good Monday morning,   Today’s the final day of the Federal election, by the end of tonight we will have a clear sense of who will be leading Canada. You may have a variety of feelings about this election, from all angles it has been interesting, strange & unpredictable. We should have anticipated this, if

[FLR] Even the Best Leaders Get ‘Decision Fatigue.’ Here’s How to Prevent It.

Happy Friday,   There is a lot of conversation around getting input from your team. It’s a good conversation to be having to ensure that there is enough collaboration when making decisions. However, there is a danger in over weighing the desire to come to a collective agreement.    There is no decision that we can

[MMM] The Science Behind the Thankful Leader

Happy Tuesday,   I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that it came with all the trimmings.   I just finished a leadership coaching session with one of my clients. There has been tremendous progress in her organization and particularly in her growth as a leader.   I asked her, “Are you happier?”    She

[FLR] Why HR Leaders Are Vital For Culture Change

Happy Friday   This past week, I have been on a grad trip in California with my son. He is just launching his career as Pilot with Sunwing as a first officer. We were struck by the differences in the Canadian & US culture.   Cultures are unique, as a Canadian, I feel at “home”

[MMM] 3 Career Questions You Really Should be Asking

Happy Monday morning,     One to the elements that I have found in those that build a great career, is the ability to be honest. With themselves.     Take yourself out for a coffee and ask yourself these three questions, in this order:     1. What am I great at? 2. What

[FLR] The Challenge of Managing Climate Change

Happy Friday   You may have strong or impartial opinions on last week’s climate strike. Whatever your political opinion, one thing we would all agree that managing our impact on the environment is in all of our interests.   As a leader in your organization, what are some of the ways that you can impact