MMM | The Perfect Mix for Success

Good Monday morning,   You may know by now that I am a “car” guy. In fact, my licence plate says “CarJoy”.   My team and I are fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients doing leadership coaching in a mix of industries including the public sector, healthcare, finance, and, yes, auto manufacturers. While each

FLR | Taking Over Leadership During a Crisis?

Happy Friday,   One thing we have noticed over this season is the amount of leadership shifting that is occurring. A number of our clients are changing the roles of leaders and/or moving new leaders into new roles as they observe how some of their leaders have performed during the crisis.   You may be

FLR | Ways that the Pandemic Changed our Workplaces for the Better

Happy Friday,   Some things in life you don’t get to choose.   Until you do.   As leaders, we didn’t get to choose the pandemic.   We do get to choose how we might use this time become better leaders & create a better culture & organization.   I’ve spoken to so many leaders that have

MMM | Lessons from the Barbershop

Good Monday morning,   Back in the 90s was my first experience with seeing a colleague get a hair transplant. It was early days in that booming industry and let’s just say I don’t think the doctor did that great job on his scalp… Maybe I was paying too close attention knowing my future follicular challenges.  

FLR | 3 Important Leadership Questions for Future the Return & Recovery

Happy Friday,   I was reading an interesting Gallup survey on work just published – They have been measuring employee engagement since early 2000.   Gallup found early March, the percentage of “engaged” workers those who are highly involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace — reached 38% the highest on record.   This

MMM | How Canada Day Represents Community

Good Monday morning,   On Wednesday we celebrate all things that make our country so great. This year, Canada Day may look different for most of us. There will be no city-wide parades or large parties. But it’s important to remember we still have so much of this country to be thankful for. We have mountains, lakes,

FLR | A Ludicrously Oversimplified Explanation of the Canadian Economy Under COVID, the Increase in Debt and Money Supply, and What Comes Next

Happy Friday,   Our economy has undergone many changes in the past months and as leaders, it’s important that we understand how this impacts our businesses and teams.   Our staying current in research and understanding of the situation allows us to lead more effectively and make smarter decisions.   A Ludicrously Oversimplified Explanation of the Canadian

FLR | Into the 2020s – Challenges and Opportunities for Public Sector Leaders

Happy Friday,   It is National Public Service Week and I want to take this moment to thank all of our public servants.   As Canadians, we have seen the impact the public service has had in this unusual season, more than any time in recent history. We have seen our health care system step into a very unique situation

[FLR] 3 Easy Ways to Survive Working With a Remote Boss

Happy Friday,   One of the challenging aspects of working remotely is connecting with your team when you need them.   It’s even more complex when you’re trying to connect with your boss.   It was easy when you were in the office together. You could pop by their office, or book time with their assistant.

[FLR] 5 Things Small Businesses And Their Workers Need To Survive COVID-19 Beyond PPP

Happy Friday,   I don’t know about you but the air feels different to me. Yes, the air is warmer and summer is just around the corner but also cities are “warming up”.   More cars are on the road, businesses are slowly opening and there’s less stress floating around the community. We are slowly