FLR | The Next Normal – 3 Realities Leaders Must Embrace

Happy Friday!   I have to say, this was an energizing week for me. Lots of cars on the road, & was really thankful to see kids off to school & school buses going again.   Just up the road from our main office, is a junior school. You really could see the excitement in

MMM | Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right! – How To Make a Perfect Career Choice

Happy Tuesday morning (hope you had a great Labour Day weekend!),   The children’s section is one of my favourite spots in book stores. As a father, I loved finding a good book while I was travelling to read to my children when I came home. I am drawn to the design and wisdom in

FLR | Pfizer CEO: What We Learned From Our Interns This Summer

Happy Friday!   For many this week was the end of their summer internship. As we finish off the summer season – yes, say this three times – interns will be finishing their time with their firms   On our team, we have really enjoyed working with Benjamin (to be fair – he is staying

MMM | Tip Of The Iceberg – Your Work That No One Sees

Happy Monday,   It may be August, but I know I speak for most of us when I say that I’m not looking forward to this years winter. The cold, the ice, the short days – it’s not fun. But, I was thinking about the north and the beauty of the landscape, particularly icebergs. According to Wikipedia,

MMM | Get Better – 3 Questions You Should Be Asking

Happy Monday Morning!   One of the elements that I have found in those that build a great career, is the ability to be honest. With themselves.   Take yourself to a delicious coffee and ask yourself these three questions, in this order:   1. What am I great at? 2. What am I weak

FLR | Think Different

Happy Friday! Think different This was a very famous ad campaign from Apple. At the time Microsoft & IBM owned 95% of the desktop computer market. It was really saying why to follow the crowd & be one of the risk takers, the originals, the adventurous. The compelling offer was to stand apart from the crowd.

MMM | Business Shortbread – 3 “Ingredients” for Success

Good Monday Morning!   Let’s face it, delicious food shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. My weakness is sweets. For me nothing beats a great homemade shortbread cookie.   The secret to shortbread is two things: the right recipe and the best ingredients you can afford.   Last year, I heard Jeff York, the President of

MMM | Broaden Your Perspective

Good Monday (Technically Tuesday) Morning!   Back in 2018, I bought a new car and had been having an issue with one tire that kept going low. The way I figured it, I needed to either buy a new tire or keep filling it up every so often. In order to save the $300 a

MMM | The Perfect Mix for Success

Good Monday morning,   You may know by now that I am a “car” guy. In fact, my licence plate says “CarJoy”.   My team and I are fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients doing leadership coaching in a mix of industries including the public sector, healthcare, finance, and, yes, auto manufacturers. While each

FLR | Taking Over Leadership During a Crisis?

Happy Friday,   One thing we have noticed over this season is the amount of leadership shifting that is occurring. A number of our clients are changing the roles of leaders and/or moving new leaders into new roles as they observe how some of their leaders have performed during the crisis.   You may be