[FLR] “Should Managers Organize Fun at Work?”

Happy Friday,   In the TED talk linked below, Dr. Stuart Brown noticed a co-relation between play & its impact in all dimensions of our lives, including work. Leaders can find ways to increase productivity through introducing an environment that takes work a bit less seriously, but is more productive, smarter & more profitable at the same

[MMM] Investing your time in 2019

Good Monday Morning!     We are heading into the final leg of the RRSP season and I can guarantee that you will be bombarded with advertisements encouraging you to invest in a certain stock or mutual fund. Each organization will try to convince you that they will offer you the best return for your money.  

[FLR] Never Bring Smartphones Into Meetings | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was listening to an interview about meetings at Google. A majority of meetings in their company are a maximum of 30 minutes; any longer and people will start leaving. I also heard of another company where the CEO holds meetings standing up to encourage focus and time efficiency. As you lead

[FLR] Starting with a Blank Sheet

Happy Friday.   As we start 2019, if we are honest, it’s a mixture of excitement and it can be somewhat intimidating.    Blank sheets are what the best authors and the most talented leaders get excited about.    The thrill of the new.   Org redesign: start with a blank page | McKinsey  

[MMM] Your career goals are closer than they appear

Good morning,   Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.    Every time you get in your car, this truth is spoken to you.   This safety requirement is engraved on passenger side mirrors of vehicles in the USA, Canada and India. The mirror’s convexity gives you a better field of view but

[FLR] The Goals You Should Make to be a Better Leader

Happy Friday.   How did you do?   Like all leaders, at the beginning of the 2018 you would have created some goals.   As we end the year, we take stock of the previous year to rate ourselves against our objectives. Sometimes you don’t achieve what you hoped for, but oftentimes other, better, things

[MMM] The three “secret” ingredients to healthy organizations

Let’s face it, it really is the most wonderful time of the year if you like to eat. My weakness is sweets. For me nothing beats a great homemade shortbread cookie.   The secret to shortbread is two things: the right recipe and the best ingredients you can afford.   This week I heard Jeff York,

[FLR] The 9 Ways to Relieve Workplace Holiday Stress

‘Tis the season, what season you say? Well some managers would suggest it is the season of “stress” and there isn’t a lot of love, peace & joy.    There can be the challenge of balancing everything we have in our personal and professional lives. We are trying to get as much accomplished at work

[HRW] Does fear motivate workers or make things worse?

Welcome to Wednesday, Using the words “fear” and “workplace” in the same sentence could be alarming to some ears, especially to HR professionals like yourself. While some believe that fear is required to drive performance, it can also create a toxic work environment and be reflective of a “culture gone sour.”     The main idea

[MMM] This one thought holding you back in your career & what you can do to change that

“Fear is boring.”   Sometimes you will hear something that stops you in your tracks. Literally.This quote, from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, did that for me.I have been pondering the idea that, “fear is boring.”   I get that peanut butter and jam is a great combo but, “fear is boring”? Framing fear