[FLR] Why you need unlike-minded people on your team (and 3 ways to get them)

Happy Friday,   I was walking along Bay Street in Toronto when I noticed one of the most insightful things I’ve seen in a long time.    “Great minds don’t think alike.” This was a slogan from an investment firm. What word stands out for you in it?   If you said “don’t” you are indeed

[MMM] 4 Ways to Create More “Luck” in Your Life

Happy Monday,   Any holiday that involves beer and community is popular. This weekend we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on ‘The Luck of the Irish’. First of all, I’m 100% purebred Irish, born in Dublin to a long line of Emerald Isle inhabitants. I feel I’ve

[FLR] 5 Approaches to Leadership Breakthrough

Happy Friday,   On Sunday you probably noticed that time magically moved forward an hour. Spring forward!   As a leader, what can you do to create a breakthrough, to leap ahead of your competition, or help facilitate a larger impact within your organization and sector?   We typically think the shared economy is a new idea – but historically, strong leaders have understood for

[MMM] 3 Ideas (+ 1 bonus) to Lead your Career and Life in a Better Way

Monday mornings I head over to my local Starbucks and take myself out for coffee.   Yes, you heard that correctly, I take myself out for coffee.The purpose of that time is to process how the previous week went and to refocus focus for the week ahead.   Over time, I’ve gotten to know the people

[FLR] Why are there so few female leaders?

Happy Friday,   Today we celebrate International Woman’s Day.   According to research by Dr. Alice Eagly, women by nature possess a higher ratio of leadership qualities in empathy, listening, thinking outside the box, motivating others, developing followers and in ethics.    All politics aside, we see this in the current political climate where a majority of the

[FLR] 5 Ways Leaders Rock Employee Recognition

Happy Employee Appreciation Day,   Thank You.   It’s as simple as that. We all need to know that our work is noticed and valued. Recognizing a person who does goes that extra mile, or has an excellent attitude is not complex nor does it really cost you.    Smart leaders understand the return on investment of

[FLR] “Managers: Ask Yourself These Six Questions Daily”

Happy Friday,    What do you think is a good solution?  Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful.   A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions are often more

[MMM] 90% of The Work You Do Is Not Visible | Monday Morning Motivator

Happy Monday,   I think we truly were reminded across the nation last week of what it means to live in a northern climate with all the sever winter storms across the nation. I was thinking about the north and the beauty of the landscape, particularly icebergs. According to Wikipedia, the word “iceberg” originates from the dutch

[FLR] Improve your leadership skills while eating nachos

Happy Friday,     We know what 111 million+ people are going to be doing this Sunday night…watching The Super Bowl. The game will be won and lost not on talent, effort or “luck.” It will be won by the team that is coached most effectively. So lean back, and enjoy the game while taking note of the key leadership skills

[MMM] Your Gateway Drug to the Change You’re Thinking About at Work

Good Monday morning,   I am currently working through my Masters degree and I was on course for the first two weeks in January in Vancouver on the University of British Columbia campus. The beautiful thing about the program (apart from the learning) is the people with whom I am studying. They are from all