What does Gallop say we should call this season?

I have seen it myself – people are kinder, there is morelaughter, and we become a generous bunch. Whilethere is a general sense of busyness, there is alsolightness in the air. So is the Christmas spirit. Or should I say, so is the “holiday season”? It hasgiven me quite a chuckle – what is this

Howard Stern's Definition of Success

First of all, I realize that you most likely are not a Howard Stern fan. That being said, you can’t deny the success that he has had in the morning radio market. He just signed a $500 million (yes, that is the right number) contract with Sirius Satellite, including a brand new Studio. Sirius is

What needs have you seen?

Last week I asked you — the readers – to write in and share some of your thoughts on what needs you have seen in the market. We had a terrific response, lots of ideas, thoughts, comments, and questions. Thank you for your input! One of the great things about our blog and ezine is

How to Identify New Opportunities the Robot Way

"See the need, fill the need" – this is a quote from the film Robots, which I recently watched with my children. Robots is a fun movie to watch, and Robin Williams stands out as a great voice in this animated feature. In this film the main character, Rodney Copperbottom, is the child of a

What do Elections and Careers have in Common?

Now, I know there are two things we are not “supposed” to discuss -politics and sex. However, I am a bit of a political junkie. While you may not agree with the politicians themselves, the principles they use to get elected can be learned from (at least the ethical ones!) I just watched an interesting

How to Get a Lucky Break

Recently there was an award banquet for the Young Entrepreneur Awards. The participants were from across the country, and were all under the age of 35. One of the winners was Melody Dover. She is 34 and lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Melody is the founder of Fresh Media Inc., an organization that does

The Ipod Way

Ipod is really hot these days. Apple, the computer company, is now "The Music Company". The person behind it all, from the very beginning, is Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and current CEO. Now, I have a confession to make. I love all of Apple’s products. CareerJoy is a Mac shop — great quality products, easy

Is Your Resume Working?

You have probably never heard of Chip Kidd, yet he’sone of the most influential non-authors in the bookbusiness. For the past 20 years Chip has been on the designteam at Alfred A Knopf publishers. He is the MichaelJordon of the book design business, and has designedsuch books as Jurassic Park. He has created100’s of covers

Paul McCartney's Career Advice

Paul – he’s been a quarryman, Beatle, Wing, Poet,Painter, Father, Front Man, Producer, Business Mogul,and if that weren’t enough, a Knight. You may or may not have seen the new ads put out byFidelity Investments. Paul is their new globalrepresentative – using the extra money to pay for therising fuel costs in his new private

How to Make Sure You Give the Right Information in an Interview

Brad Chartrand plays for the Los Angeles Kings. He hasbeen playing hockey for a number of years (except, ofcourse, for last season!) Brad and 700 other playershad an extended summer holiday. A number of players went overseas; however, Brad andhis wife decided to move back to Saratoga Springs,N.Y. To stay in shape, he decided to