Are You In The Right Environment?

I am not sure if you have heard, but Maggie is feeling not so well lately when it comes to both her life and her job. She has been showing all the typical signs of depression including boredom, lack of appetite, irritability and increased aggressiveness. This problem has only been getting worse over the past

How To Get Your Career Swing Back..By Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is the #1 recognized professional athlete in the world, but lately he’s been struggling. For the past year he’s worked with golf swing coach Hank Haney. I’m always amazed that even the best of professionals need a coach. These people are at the top of their game and yet, when they struggle, they

The Secret To Career Resolutions

It is 2005 this weekend. It doesn’t seem that long ago that a majority of the world was wondering about what would happen when the year 2000 arrived. We all survived and the Y2K consultants are now all “blogging” on to the next opportunity..The end of the year is a natural time to reflect and

The Wisdom of Charles Dickens

Well, this is a wonderful season and many faiths including mine, are celebrating the wonder of hope, love and joy at this time. Holidays are a time of reflecting and connecting with family. I also recognize that this can be a very dark time for some. Maybe you have had a very difficult year and

Why Does Stephen Covey Need An Eighth Habit?

Steven Covey, the 71 year old motivational speaker and author has found the need for a new habit. You may be saying “Sure, he needs to figure out a way to sell a new book!” Well that may or may not be true, however his first book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has

What If You Fail In Your Career? Lessons From Jeopardy Champ

This past week Ken Jennings had a very public failure. After 2700 correct answers, or rather questions, on Jeopardy, he made a big error. Now we all know who has 40,000 workers that work 4 months per year (it is not FedEX, H&R Block is the right answer). So Ken goes home with over $2.5

What Do Eulogies Have To Do With Job Interviews?

There’s a new book out called, “Farewell, Godspeed: The greatest eulogies of our time”. Morbid I know, but the authors share some examples of powerful communication concepts. It was written by Cyrus Copeland, who was in advertising for a number of years, he left that to pursue of truth, beauty, and narratives that last longer

What's Your X-Prize

Eight years after the competition was announced, the X-Prize was won. The X-Prize was $10 million for the first privately built ship to carry three people 100 km into space within a two week span. It was SpaceShipOne (SS1), built by Scaled Composites, that was the first to reach the goal. Reaching space was only

Are You An Underdog?

A few weeks ago the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. Their last World Series win was in 1918 (and Leaf fans think they’ve got it hard – heck they’ve only been waiting since 1967)! Right from the start, the Sox were the underdogs. Before the series started, I heard a commentator work from

The Incredibles. What about you?

Bob Parr was super. Then he lost it. Never heard of him? He’s Mr. Incredible (no, he’s not one of our clients). Bob’s one of the heroes in Pixar’s new movie, “The Incredibles” (You know, Pixar, where Steve Jobs, iPod maker by day, is savvy cartoon spinster by night). Fifteen years ago Bob was a