I'm Off to Timbuktu

This is a story of my friend Jack Mackenzie, whom I’ve known for a number of years now. I ran into him on Canada Day, twice in two different spots, and we had not seen each other in over a year. Jack is an extremely interesting guy – did I mention that he skied to

Why Lance Armstrong Needs Help?

Lucky 7 for Lance! Once again, against the odds, Lance has proven his ability to rise to the occasion and perform at an amazing level. A good friend of mine is a biking fanatic. Between him educating me on the aspects of the Tour de France and the general media buzz around Lance’s journey, I

Johnny Depp's Fresh Start

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Currently, he is starring in the latest rendition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I can still remember going to see that movie as a child, and a few months ago I rented it to watch with my kids. The DVD had extra scenes from the original

When Did Charlie Brown Get It ?

My son recently took out a book from the library on Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Charlie Brown. The book was written a number of years ago and, is a reflective look on the previous 35 years of his comic strip called “Peanuts”. Charlie Brown was one of my favorite comic strips when I

Success Under the Star of Venus

Wimbledon–the Holy Grail of the Tennis World. All the great players must at some point win at Wimbledon, and not only win once but multiple times to stand apart from their competitors. This past weekend Venus Williams won her third Wimbledon championship. What makes this particular win so important is the fact that she has

The 5 Myths of Change

You may have heard about Steve Vaught, a 400-pound man who, several months ago, could not walk from one end of a department store to the other without sitting down to rest. Steve finally had enough. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so he started walking. In April, he left his

Change or Die!

Well if that doesn’t catch your attention, I am not sure what will. Recently,a study was done by Dr Edward Miller, the CEO of a very well respected medical institution in the United States, Johns Hopkins Center. Each year, over 600,000 people undergo bypass surgery to deal with heart related issues, costing on average $100,000

Great Careers Happen By Design!

“Great Careers Happen By Design”. This slogan came to me after I saw an ad in a design magazine that said “Great houses happen by design”. I happen to know this first hand after my wife and I worked with a very well known architect, Richard Limmert, whose work we admired. Limmert developed a new

When Not to Follow the Rules!

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office on the 22nd floor, in Toronto when there was a fire alarm. Shortly after the alarm began there was an announcement saying that they were investigating the alarm however, we were to stay in our offices until they had more time to find out the

Were You Drafted in the First Round?

When I was young we used to play hockey on the street (that was before they outlawed it!) yes if you can believe it they have tried and in some cases been successful in outlawing street hockey. That is another story altogether. So we all lined up on the street, tallest to shortest, choose two