The best and worst managers

In last week’s WORKout, I chatted about management. I asked you to take some time to think about the managers that you have had, and asked you to share some of the characteristics of both. We had a terrific response, with lots of insightful observations. It is interesting to note that there were far more

How to Dilbertize your future!

Tonight my children and I drove to the library. After our visit to the "late fee confessional", we all went off to our respective areas. Aidan has taken quite a liking to anything related to Calvin and Hobbs. He also recently discovered Scott Adams, better known by the name of his work (Dilbert). I have

Are you getting a charge out of your career?

It is that time of the year again — no, I am not referring to the World Series, although it is that time of the year as well! It is the season when the Nobel prizes are handed out. The Nobel Prizes were first awarded in 1901, five years after the death of Alfred Nobel.

Who do you bounce your ideas off of?

I have been playing basketball with my kids over the past year. We set up two nets in our front yard and are able to play a proper game. Basket ball (no, this is not a spelling error) was invented by a Canadian physician and minister — Dr. James Naismith — who was actually brought

How do you decide?

Have you ever found yourself having to make a decision about whether to take on a new role, or whether to change careers? I was surfing the web the other day when I came across this quote: "Clearly, Apple is following Sony’s lead by integrating consumer electronics devices into its marketing strategy, but Apple lacks

Adjusting to a new role?

"An astronaut can walk in space but can’t handle standing on her own two feet." Have you ever had trouble adjusting to a new role? That was certainly the case for Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper. She is one of only 7 women who have walked in space, and was a member of the recent Atlantis crew that

Are you feeling lost?

I remember a time when I was young – it was my first time taking the bus, and I was supposed to meet my parents and some family friends at a specific time and place. I can’t remember all the details, but instead of getting on the red bus, I got on the green bus

You're fired!

I guess it’s true that headlines will get your attention! I am sure that is not something you would wish to experience, however, in this day and age, it happens on a regular basis. This is the start of the fall TV line-up. There are all kinds of new shows trying to make it, and

Is your career worth dying for?

This past Monday, Steve Irwin (a.k.a. The Crocodile Hunter) died. He was doing some filming for a new television series that he was working on when he received a deadly blow to his heart from a stingray (I have dived in Australia, and, having seen one myself, I can tell you that the stingray is

The tipping point of your career

You may have heard of the book The Tipping Point, written by Malcolm Gladwell. It has been recommended as one of the 10 most important business books of the 1990s, and the author is a Canadian to boot. His premise for the book is this; at some point, certain businesses or trends take off. Think