10 Coolest Jobs

A recent survey produced by AOL and Salary.com was conducted to gage people’s attitudes towards the sex appeal vs. the financial prospects in career choices and survey says these are the 10 Coolest jobs:1. Firefighter2. Flight attendants3. CEO4. Reporter5. Interior Designer6. Event Planner7. Nurse8. Teacher9. Doctor10. Lawyer To be frank, I was surprised how common

Career Assessment Tools

If you have followed the Olympics the last few years you will have noticed a country far away with a limited amount of people winning lots of medals (no, not Canada). Australia came 4th in the world 17 Gold, 16 Silver, 16 Bronze. The US was number 1, and Canada came in 1 medal above

The Two Biggest Mistakes Managers Make

The results are documented in a book called First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman (Simon & Schuster, 272 pp., $28.35). According to the study, many managers make two key mistakes: 1. They assume that each person can learn to be competent in almost

How To Avoid A Career Crash

I was watching television footage of the flight 111 crash that happened outside Halifax. Did you know that most crashes occur because of pilot error? The documentary was fascinating for many reasons. The investigators spent 4 years researching, gathering data and actually rebuilding a plane from the bottom of the sea floor. They brought in

What To Stop Doing In Your Career

Early this year I was reading a magazine called Wallpaper. It is a design magazine and January’s issue was all about design awards. As I was perusing the magazine, something caught my attention. It was an ad that said: “Stop Running, Start Walking”. I thought this was an interesting concept. Wouldn’t running get me there

Are Some of Your Tools Missing?

Not long ago, while scanning the Popular Science magazine (you know, the magazine where we are all going to fly cars around and go to the moon for lunch etc.) I saw a fantastic advertisement for Ace hardware. The ad had a picture of a typical tool bench with an assortment of typical tools: wrench,

Is Your Work GRRRReat

Every morning millions of us sit down to eat breakfast and marketing 101 is there to stare back at us from across the table, even before our mind has awoken. However, this is not true for everyone. At around 6:30am one fall morning in 1989 Chris Leamon had come home from working all night in

Where Are Your Talents Taking You?

Recently I was looking at some research about The Julliard School. For those that are not familiar, the Julliard School is one of the world’s premier conservatories and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Some of the great musicians of our time have graduated from this school. In 1994 there were 44 instrumentalists that

Johnny Carson Gets the Last Laugh

This week Johnny Carson 79 died of emphysema. He was the host of the The Tonight Show for over 30 years (yes, there was a guy before Jay Leno). Ed McMahon was his sidekick although he was perhaps better known as the guy who is going to send everyone of us a cheque for a

X To A as an Entrepreneur

Becoming and entrepreneur-from X to A. You might be saying “Don’t you mean from A to X?” well not for Richard Kays. This past summer while I was in Prince Edward Island, I met Richard. He is the owner of the Avonlea Bookstore in Summerside. Avonlea is a great used bookstore 2 minutes from the