Were You Drafted in the First Round?

When I was young we used to play hockey on the street (that was before they outlawed it!) yes if you can believe it they have tried and in some cases been successful in outlawing street hockey. That is another story altogether. So we all lined up on the street, tallest to shortest, choose two

Is Your Career Going Downhill?

You may not have heard of him, however, you may have heard of the athlete that he coached to the first ever Olympic gold medal for snowboarding. The athlete was Ross Rebagliati and the coach was Tim Griffin This past weekend, Tim graduated from medical school and was president of his graduating class. Tim grew

Do You Need A Career Autopsy

Autopsy is not a word that slips out of our mouths that easily in today’s world for a variety of reasons, most likely because we don’t really want to think that someday we are going to die. Autopsy’s really came into vogue (if you can say that) in 1761 with a scientific paper published by

20 Career Lessons From Those Under 20

I thought this week that I would share with you a program that you may or may not be aware we are a part of. The program is Top 20 Under 20, a national program that recognizes Canada’s most innovative contributors to our society who also happen to be under the age of 20.I was

Are You Too Old For a Change?

“Wanted, CEO of Not For Profit group, offices in all major cities towns and regions of the world. Workforce of 3 million, annual budget of 2 billion. Serving over 1 billion clients per year. Dealing with worldwide geopolitical events, you will need good stamina, much travel and meetings involved.”Can you imagine what you would need

10 Coolest Jobs

A recent survey produced by AOL and Salary.com was conducted to gage people’s attitudes towards the sex appeal vs. the financial prospects in career choices and survey says these are the 10 Coolest jobs:1. Firefighter2. Flight attendants3. CEO4. Reporter5. Interior Designer6. Event Planner7. Nurse8. Teacher9. Doctor10. Lawyer To be frank, I was surprised how common

Career Assessment Tools

If you have followed the Olympics the last few years you will have noticed a country far away with a limited amount of people winning lots of medals (no, not Canada). Australia came 4th in the world 17 Gold, 16 Silver, 16 Bronze. The US was number 1, and Canada came in 1 medal above

The Two Biggest Mistakes Managers Make

The results are documented in a book called First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman (Simon & Schuster, 272 pp., $28.35). According to the study, many managers make two key mistakes: 1. They assume that each person can learn to be competent in almost

How To Avoid A Career Crash

I was watching television footage of the flight 111 crash that happened outside Halifax. Did you know that most crashes occur because of pilot error? The documentary was fascinating for many reasons. The investigators spent 4 years researching, gathering data and actually rebuilding a plane from the bottom of the sea floor. They brought in

What To Stop Doing In Your Career

Early this year I was reading a magazine called Wallpaper. It is a design magazine and January’s issue was all about design awards. As I was perusing the magazine, something caught my attention. It was an ad that said: “Stop Running, Start Walking”. I thought this was an interesting concept. Wouldn’t running get me there