How to turn your passion into a livelihood

Let’s say you love to mountain bike, the smell of rubber against the rocks, the aroma of fresh fern, riding with a bunch of friends and then a great dinner with wine at the end of the day at your log home 20 minutes from Blue Mountain. In the morning you get up, go to

Helping your child figure out careers

My son Aidan was expressing at supper that he was not sure what career he was to choose. Well we took care of that right away and had him meet the student career specialist on our team….NOT…he is 9 years old! I told him to focus on being a kid and we can focus on

The freedom 55 myth!

Well, it is just past RRSP season and we have all seen the ads. One of the best campaigns is from a mutual fund that shows a man who looks around 70 dressed up like a server at a burger joint and a retired woman who is dressed like a greeter at Walmart. This campaign

Are you feeling stuck in your career?

This past week we had a terrible snowstorm in Toronto. I went for a quick walk at lunch, grabbed a coffee and went up to my office which is on the 19th floor. From my office, you can see right down Yonge Street. It was an amazing sight and within 20 minutes we were in

My breakfast with Bill Gates

Last week I had breakfast with Bill Gates. Myself and 2223 other people had double lattes and stale donuts as he shared the state of the digital world. To be frank, I didn’t know what to expect so I thought this was a terrific opportunity to get to hear this person who has impacted our

7 ways your company can revitalize your career

We have been discussing the research from Harvard over the past two weeks. This is the final piece for this 3 part series. See last weeks 7 habits of ineffective careers by visiting our blog. Here are 7 possible answers that organizations can use to revitalize your career: Remove barriers – Managers need to be

The 7 habits of a highly defective career.

How are you doing in your career? If you were writing your own career report card, what would it say? Last week we discussed the big picture of what is going on in the world of the professionals. I called this your career report card. I would say it would be in the "lots of

What would your career report card say?

Our children brought home their report card in the last week. We are very fortunate that they both generally enjoy learning and are doing well in school. Overall, they both did great even though there were some areas that they wanted to improve upon in the next term. Ah, report cards. All of us have

Are you getting a good return on your career?

This past week I was invited by my accountants Steve and Mark (we all need a great accountant on our side) to a hockey game. It was fun being in the box, eating chicken wings and other totally unhealthy food choices for one evening, not to mention the hockey game was pretty good also. I

Kick the photocopier lately?

Have you ever had a really stressful day at work? Now be honest. It is interesting – I have found in what I do, some days you just can’t do anything wrong and, if you are fortunate, you will have very few high stress days at the office. Here are some interesting facts from an