What you need to know about career restlessness – part 2

It has been 7 days since we last connected about middlescence. In this edition, I wanted to share the 6 key areas of friction experienced by mid career professionals as discovered by researchers Morison, Erickson and Dychtwald: 1. Career bottleneck: there are currently more baby boomers competing for limited leadership opportunities, while companies are moving

What you need to know about career restlessness.

It is Sunday night, and you can’t wait for Monday morning. Only one more sleep until work begins anew. Is this the story of your life? There has been some new research published recently in The Harvard Business Review about the "mid-professional". Mid-professionals — otherwise known as professionals between the ages of 35 and 54

What does Tim Hortons teach us about luck and careers?

It is that time of year again – RRRoll up the Rim.I have bought a lot of coffees, yet I still don’thave a new car, not even a donut! Don’t feel too badfor me, or for Tim Hortons. They just sold off15% of the company and raised $800 million US, not abad return for a

How to move from analysis to action!

One of the great brands in the world is Nike. The word Nike refers to the mythological winged goddess of victory. Greeks would use the term to describe going to battle. It became synonymous with honoured conquests. Nike – the company — was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports. Phil Knight, the founder, began selling shoes

What can Sting teach us about our careers?

Sting is one of my favourite musicians. I recently picked up a DVD documenting Sting’s life – most specifically, the time surrounding the recording of his first solo album. There were many things I learned from watching this documentary. Sting said; “One of the greatest things in my life is that I don’t know where

One billion chances for opportunity

One of the things that I have become a raving fan of again is the library. "The library?", you say. Yes – in our little town resides a terrific library. One of the town’s generous residents regularly donates The New Yorker magazine (a subscription typically costs $46 American!). For the approximate cost of a subscription,

Why careers are complex

This past Christmas my family and I were visiting some good friends in Sudbury. On the way home, in the car, we were listening to the news. There we were, minding our own business, when, out of the blue, Aidan (my 8 year old) makes a profound observation: “The world is complex. I have a

What can Olympic athletes teach us about failure?

Picture this: You have been training for 15 years of your life. You are on a training run, flying down the hill at 70 km per hour. Next thing you know, you catch an edge on your left ski, lose control, skid 100 metres, and slam into a safety net. As they say in life,

How do successful executives evolve?

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to climb the corporate ladder higher or faster than others? Aside from the inevitable political reasons, there is some interesting research that has been published recently in The Harvard Business Review. The research identifies four decision-making styles in business. It also identifies a clear shift in

How To Be Prepared When Opportunity Knocks

This past week I listened to Charlie Rose interview Anthony Hopkins. If you have never watched Charlie Rose, I would strongly encourage you to do so (you will find him on the PBS network). In my humble opinion, he is the best at bringing out a person’s story. I was fascinated to learn about Anthony