How do you choose your next gig?

If you’re Bonnie Hunt, the answer is “Yes”, that is how you choose your new gig. At this point, you may be asking; "Who on earth is Bonnie Hunt, and what is she saying ‘yes’ to?". Bonnie is the actress who played the concerned sister in Jerry Maguire, as well as the unbelievably patient mom

The vacation results are in

We had a tremendous response to last week’s email onvacations. The winner of our “Tell Us Your VacationStory” contest is Pam Soltesz. She has won acopy of “Unforgettable things to do before you die” byWatkins & Jones. Here is her story: A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided totake a TWO WEEK

Would you like to take a vacation?

It’s that time of year again, when we start getting our bags packed for our summer trip to Europe. Ten glorious days on a ship, followed by a two-month vacation in France, and then, (sigh), I awake from my dream. I am back in the year 2006, but at least I was right about one

Recovering from a difficult career phase

How does one recover from a difficult personal or professional phase, and turn that experience into something that helps you grow (and even, possibly, open up a larger opportunity)? Have you heard of the book entitled “I’ll Love You Forever”, by Robert Munsch? It is one of those must read books for children and parents

Is it 5:00 yet?

Popular science just compiled the top 10 “most apparently self- evident studies of recent years”. Here they are: 1. Combining drugs and alcohol is bad for you 2. Gun-touting drivers are more prone to road rage 3. Too many meetings make you grumpy 4. Faraway objects are tougher to see 5. The "beer-to-goggle" effect is

The career Da Vinci code

Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are at it again – this weekThe Da Vinci Code hits the theatres. They havealready traveled to the moon together, and now, well,they are on to a new conspiracy theory. The Da Vinci Code is all the rage these days. Iremember a client of mine recommending the bookwhen it first

Are you flexible enough?

A few years ago, I was leaving my office on a winter day when I slipped on some ice and tore the ligaments in my left ankle. Ironically, even though I had been running for over 10 years without injury, I was unable to run for the next three months, all because of a short

Spending time with Canada's richest man

You never know what kinds of decisions that you will make in a day — ones that could open the door to a great opportunity. This past Saturday, I was downtown at a hotel in the Yorkville area. I had decided to spend a few hours working on a book that I am writing, to

How to find the right career blend

I was driving by a gas station today and noticed gas ata “bargain” price of 99 cents per litre. As could beexpected, there was a line up. In the midst of thechaos, I saw one of the gas station attendantschanging the price on the sign outside (up ofcourse). With oil heading to $70 a barrel,

What you need to know about career restlessness – part 3

Here it is – the final piece of our three part series onmanaging “middlesence”. For those of you whohave missed the past two articles, you can catch upby scrolling down. This week’s edition is thanks in large part to anexcellent article I caught in the Harvard BusinessReview, as well as a soon-to-be-released book byMorison, Erickson