Olympic coach Peter Jensen shares 5 keys to getting the right job!

You may be one of the millions of Canadians who have been following the FIFA under 20 World Cup that Argentina won. All of these young players had a lot of talent, yet Argentina was the best. What was their difference? Talent yes, however, there was incredible talent on all of the teams. I would

How do you do well in a job interview?

The first 2 minutes are the key in doing well in an interview to get the role you are being interviewed for. The challenge is that if you don’t do well, it is very difficult to get to the second phase in the hiring process. I would suggest listening to this weeks podcast with William

Diane Francis from The National Post shares her career principles

This weeks Podcast is with Diane Francis. She is one of Canada’s most respected business journalists. She shares her advice on success, and how to control your career destiny. Diane had always been a very good writer, having won numerous awards in her youth. So at twenty-nine, she took a once-a-week writing course at Sheridan

Workopolis/Working founder on how to find The Right Job!

This weeks podcast is with Kim Peters. She was the founding President of Workopolis. Not only has she had an amazing career, but she has been involved in building three of the best career websites in Canada. I spoke with her about her perspective on the value of these sites and how to go about

Tony retires from the Sopranos now what?

Well, this past week the Sopranos final episode ran, and the journey for all of the actors in that series faded to black. There was quite a bit of controversy over the ending. I thought it was quite clever. For James Gandolfin, aka Tony, will he be able to move on to bigger and better

Laid off; Hydro One former Ceo Eleanor Clitheroe shares how to recover …well

A layoff is one of the most traumatic events in ones career. This weeks podcast is with Eleanor Clitheroe, the former CEO of Hydro One. She was laid off from her CEO position in a very public manner and went through a difficult time. Whether you are a CEO or a Junior Manager, the journey

How do you deal with failure?

Ah, yes the "F" word. This word has so much emotion attached to it. Maybe it is a lay-off, a job you didn’t get, a promotion that went to someone else or a project that went south. What is failure? How does a professional recover from a setback? I have wrestled with this issue both

How do you dress for an interview?

Or, I might have called this article, "Dress for Success". Whether it is doing really well in an interview or getting promoted in your current situation, dress, presentations and packaging matter! Ah, you say, that is not fair and correct you are, but as Malcolm Gladwell described in his book Blink, this ability is known

Ottawa Senators founder Bruce Firestone on how to win!

The CBC is breathing a huge sigh of relief as a Canadian team is still very much in the thick of things. The last thing they wanted was a Buffalo/Anaheim final – you don’t sell much beer that way! This weeks Podcast is with Bruce Firestone, which may or may not ring a bell, but

Is the Job market for you or against you?

Well, the answer is yes – let me explain. When I was a kid, my Dad decided to take up Judo. He thought it would be great for self defence as well as keeping in shape. What I remember was our blue Chevy Nova, the Bee Gees in the 8 track and the starchy feeling