What Starbucks can teach us about career security & succe

What is the greatest brand in the world, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Lexus, Apple or Facebook? In my opinion they are all terrific brands but I think the greatest brand is you! This week’s podcast is with Mitch Joel. Mitch is one of Canada’s most respected digital marketing experts. Mitch started his career as a journalist; one

5 ways to decide your next move

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and you have had to make a lot of decisions already. Peas or carrots? Ham or turkey? Apple or pumpkin pie? What if you had 500 billion billion choices to make before you put the turkey on the table? This week’s Podcast is with University of Alberta Professor Jonathan Schaeffer,

7 keys to maximizing career opportunities

Last week we discussed the 5 key principles in finding opportunity with award-winning industrial designer Gad Shannan. Identifying opportunity is one thing but how do you follow through to turning opportunity into tangible results? In this weeks podcast, I am going to share his 7 award winning principles he uses with his clients to help

Your next big opportunity is in your garage

I am sure you have the odd coffee where you get together with your office mate to discuss the next big idea that you have. Google guys watch out, here we come. In the world around you, professionals and organizations are always looking for the next Ipod, Google, medical miracle or oil project. This week’s

Leading executive recruiter shares 3 keys to career success

Why is it that some people seem to have a great career and others that may be even more educated or smarter seem to struggle? This week’s podcast is with best selling author Jim Citrin. I am one of Chapters/Indigo’s trusted advisors for their business section. As part of that role, I am asked to

Canadian sports icon Paul Henderson on reaching your goals

We know the summer is over when we start to see training camps open for another NHL season. Only 300 sleeps left until we find out who will win this years Stanley Cup. This weeks podcast is with Paul Henderson. It has been almost 35 years since we heard the famous words by Foster Hewitt,

What do Canadians look for in work?

Asking questions and getting insightful answers from Canadians is something that John Wright, Senior Vice-President of Ipsos-Reid, has been doing for most of his professional career. John is the co-author of a really interesting book, What Canadians Think About Almost Everything. In this weeks podcast with John, we learn about his insights into the distinctly

How to combine your MBA and your passion

This weeks podcast is with Debbie Trenholm. Debbie came to see me when she was just about to graduate with her MBA. Debbie, while doing well at Quest Software, was really not as passionate about technology as she was with other interests in her life. Debbie wanted better. She had always planned on getting a

Are you taking a vacation ?

You are trying to find the "right vacation" for your month off? Should it be a week in PEI, sailing in the Gulf Islands or hanging out in Banff? Then the alarm goes off and suddenly you realize you have to catch the 7:30 GO train and no, you don’t live in Europe and you’re

Olympic gold winning coach, on 3 ways to get the job you want!

Last week I shared the first two of 5 keys to getting the right job! You can listen to the Podcast with Olympic Gold winning Coach, Peter Jensen, as he shares his role in helping Canada’s Woman’s Hockey Team win the gold medal in 2002 and 2006. These are the final 3 keys that he