[FLR] The Science Behind Why You Don’t Feel Motivated

Happy Friday!   Let’s face it. No one is able to stay constantly motivated at a high level all the time, even leaders.   Mastering the art of motivating others consistently, even when you aren’t “feeling it” is one of the more important leadership habits to build.   I have personally discovered that looking at this

[MMM] Trudeau, Trump & a fair trade for you

Happy Monday!   I have to admit; I’m not a true soccer fan so that I will pay attention at a very peripheral level to this year’s World Cup. I have been within 5 feet of the trophy; I was in the main CBC lobby in Toronto on my way for a media interview, when they

[FLR] Why The Future Of Leadership in Innovation is Open

Happy Friday!   Every leader needs a crystal ball to help them predict their future.   All kidding aside, as a leader it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in your sector. Looking at the way your organization needs to adapt allows it to be relevant to where things are certainly moving towards.

[MMM] The Impact of Hiring a “Star” on Your Team

Good Monday morning,   There is an oft-used statement, “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team‘”. My response to that: “there is an ‘I’ in win.” The key to success in all organizations is the caliber of the people that are involved. Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, signed off on every hire for years.   My advice to our clients is to

[FLR] 5 Minute Exercise to Break Your Leadership Creative Rut

Happy Friday!   Leadership takes creativity.   I was sitting in a coffee store in Vancouver and struck up a conversation about travel with a gentleman named Chris, who was sitting next to us. By renting his spare room, he has been able to travel every summer over this past four years.   Creativity is essential in

[MMM] Three Important Questions To Ask About Your Next Opportunity

Happy Monday morning,   They say, in life, that things happen in threes. It seems that there are patterns in our lives: opportunities and challenges that tend to happen in a set of sequences.   In careers, there often are sets of elements that converge to either lead toward, or away from, opportunities.   There are many choices you may

[FLR] | What Your Boss is Thinking When You Disagree With Them

Happy Friday!   There is one thing the best leaders are secretly looking for: people on their team to disagree with them.   I love what Margaret Heffernan shares. “If we aren’t going to be afraid of conflict, we have to see it as thinking.” She really reframed this concept for me. I have personally found some of

[MMM] | The Leadership Principles of the Queen, Prince Harry & Megan

I confess. Like the 2.2 billion other people I did end up watching the Royal Wedding. It was first thing in the morning before a great day of hiking, and for the first time in a long time, I had access to the way we used to watch content: on TV. You know, that way we

[FLR] | Why the Best Leaders Aren’t Experts

There are different styles of leaders: generalists and specialists. For example, our current Prime Minister is by nature much more of a generalist. He takes a broader view of things and relies on specialists to inform him.   Stephen Harper was much more of a mix, a generalist-specialist; he liked to go both deep and wide.  

[MMM] | One Key Way to Get The Role At Work You Deserve (Almost Guaranteed)

Happy Tuesday morning!   One of my favorite things that I got to experience as a child growing up was being part of Cub, Scouts & Venturers. I was so fortunate to learn so many things, build great relationships and be mentored by such amazing leaders.   There were many practical things I learned such as