FLR | Training – Invest In Yourself

Happy Friday!   I for one, am really excited about the snow. Why you may ask? I am looking forward to returning to skiing after 15+ yrs of snowboarding.   Last year I bought new boots & the gentleman from Sporting Life did an excellent job guiding me on the right brand and fit. He

MMM | How Siri Can Help You Find Your New Career

Good Monday morning,   I have to admit, I’m really getting much more used to not typing anymore. What do you mean, you may be asking?   “Hey Siri, where is the closest gas station?””Siri, where can I find the best place for Chinese food?””Siri, what time does my flight arrive in Vancouver?”   Here

FLR | How To Be A Focused Leader

Happy Friday! My dogs and I have one thing in common, Squirrels! I don’t mean literally. Leaders like you and I are constantly having new questions, needs & challenges come our way. How do we avoid getting distracted by squirrels or in my case, pressing concerns? How do we get stuff done & stay on

FLR | 6 Principles in Choosing Well (Yes, Even Presidents)

Happy Friday!   1 individual decision made by 158.9 million people, of all races, income, education, status & influence led to the election of the leader of the free world. (which at the time of me writing this, we don’t have a clear answer)   I love this definition of the word decision by Peter

MMM | Work Smarter Not Harder – The Science Behind Finding The Right Career

Good Monday morning,   I’m a water baby. I came by this honestly having been born within a half-hour drive of an ocean.   I spent most of my younger life near or on water. As a teenager, all of my part-time job and summer jobs were spent working as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and

FLR | Common Mistakes Made by Leaders in Virtual Meetings

Happy Friday!   Everyone is doing it –   Zooming.   I heard an interesting observation on the affect of COVID on business & our culture in general.   The reset of legacy systems – there are so many examples – including simple things like the use of paper money right, working in offices, commuting to

MMM | You, Yes You, Have This In Common With Astronauts (& It’s Not A Profession)

Happy Monday Morning,   I have a confession.   I wanted to be an astronaut. Yes, I was one of those kids, I was & continue to be a space nerd.   The good news.   NASA is hiring again.   So, if you read an over & out message from me.   You’ll know

FLR | 3 Simple Ways to Stop Being a Perfectionist Leader

Happy Friday!   Last week I had an interesting conversation with one of my NFP clients. While her team is fully aligned working remotely they are finding new challenges leading as the age of COVID continues on.   There is a general weariness, while some are continue to thrive, others including on the leadership team,

MMM | Considering A Career In Consultancy?

Happy Monday Morning,   According to the Kennedy Information and Industry Intelligence Company, the consulting industry has grown at a 20% rate since the 1980s. The sector is a $118-billion industry. It is six times larger than 10 years ago, employing between 350,000 and 400,000 workers. The top 25 global firms make up 60 percent

FLR | How To Be An Incredible Leader – Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

Happy Friday!   What do you think is a good solution? Smart leaders ask great questions. It’s tempting to move forward and find answers on your own without feedback. It may be quicker this way but much less impactful.   A smart leader realizes that when you collaborate on questions with your team the solutions are