MMM | 3 Ways To Find Your Best Work Situation

Good Monday morning,   I heard a great quote recently: “On the other side of complexity lies simplicity”.   Being in the right work situation is complex.   I have spent the majority of my professional career, researching, writing, speaking, coaching and working in the real world with real people. Much of my time has

FLR | Continue Making Big Decision – How To Avoid “Decision Fatigue”

Happy Friday! There is a lot of conversation around getting input from your team. It’s a good conversation to be having to ensure that there is enough collaboration when making decisions. However, there is a danger in over weighing the desire to come to a collective agreement. In fact, I actually think most high functioning

MMM | Don’t Self-Diagnose Your Career – Trust The Experts

Good Monday morning,   I have been very fortunate to have great health, I have rarely been to the doctor in my life. I was speaking to somebody recently about his advice of getting a physical on a regular basis. I am at an age where that is probably wise. He spoke of his own

MMM | Chose The Window Seat – How To See Your World From A Different Angle

Good Monday morning,   Since quarantine started, I find myself spending more and more time keeping my house clean. If I’m going to spend the majority of my day in it, every day, should be as spotless as can be right?   Let’s face it. For most of us, we don’t exactly look forward to

FLR | The Next Normal – 3 Realities Leaders Must Embrace

Happy Friday!   I have to say, this was an energizing week for me. Lots of cars on the road, & was really thankful to see kids off to school & school buses going again.   Just up the road from our main office, is a junior school. You really could see the excitement in

MMM | Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right! – How To Make a Perfect Career Choice

Happy Tuesday morning (hope you had a great Labour Day weekend!),   The children’s section is one of my favourite spots in book stores. As a father, I loved finding a good book while I was travelling to read to my children when I came home. I am drawn to the design and wisdom in

FLR | Pfizer CEO: What We Learned From Our Interns This Summer

Happy Friday!   For many this week was the end of their summer internship. As we finish off the summer season – yes, say this three times – interns will be finishing their time with their firms   On our team, we have really enjoyed working with Benjamin (to be fair – he is staying

MMM | Tip Of The Iceberg – Your Work That No One Sees

Happy Monday,   It may be August, but I know I speak for most of us when I say that I’m not looking forward to this years winter. The cold, the ice, the short days – it’s not fun. But, I was thinking about the north and the beauty of the landscape, particularly icebergs. According to Wikipedia,

MMM | Get Better – 3 Questions You Should Be Asking

Happy Monday Morning!   One of the elements that I have found in those that build a great career, is the ability to be honest. With themselves.   Take yourself to a delicious coffee and ask yourself these three questions, in this order:   1. What am I great at? 2. What am I weak

FLR | Think Different

Happy Friday! Think different This was a very famous ad campaign from Apple. At the time Microsoft & IBM owned 95% of the desktop computer market. It was really saying why to follow the crowd & be one of the risk takers, the originals, the adventurous. The compelling offer was to stand apart from the crowd.