FLR | 5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!   I have two dogs myself, a beautiful golden retriever named Bob and a very furry Bernese Mountain Dog called Tom. They visit our office regularly to spend the day lying around in the boardroom giving good advice.   According to Forbes, dog-friendly offices contributed

FLR | Six Ways Leaders Can Improve Communication & Clarity | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   This week was full of CCR   No, not the band Creedence Clearwater Revival, but “Celebrate, Connect, Reflect.”   These are the themes this year for National Public Service Week. Every year the leadership of the Public Sector puts on a week of events & workshops for their over 350,000 employees. This

[FLR] | What Courageous Leaders Do Differently | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   I was out for our biweekly team breakfast this morning. One of my team members was sharing her thoughts about a project she is launching with a new client partner in Calgary who was referred to us.   We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a variety

[FLR] | Why Self-Leadership is the Most Important Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Earlier this week I went to see the new Top Gun Maverick movie starring Tom Cruise.   Without sharing too many spoilers, I was impacted by the flight scenes almost just as much as I was in the first movie.   Interesting fact: Cruise personally designed a training program for his cast

[FLR] | Why Employees Need Both Recognition & Appreciation

Happy Friday,   I was chatting with a client yesterday and they mentioned that they had just left their role of 12 years. This piqued my curiosity as to what led them to leave their role.   The client responded, “I felt that my efforts over the past 3 years weren’t being recognized or appreciated.”   My

[FLR] | Four Communications Considerations For Addressing Mental Health In The Workplace

Happy Friday,   The most important skill you need as a leader is strong and effective communication skills.   In a Canadian leadership conducted by Leger for The Schulich School of Business, effective communication was rated as the most important attribute for a good leader. I would also say, when you speak to your team in a more

[FLR] What leaders get wrong about mental health

Happy Friday,   This month is Mental Health Month. For anyone who has experienced mental health challenges either personally or through a friend, colleague, or family member, then you understand the complexity & challenge around mental wellness. Wellness may start at home but is deeply impacted by where we spend the majority of our daytime

[FLR] Here’s how to work as collaborative leaders

Happy Friday,   Like all fast-growing organizations, let me confess that we have challenges & opportunities.   Our leadership team is evolving; we have new roles, projects & team members are developing new skills.   We are in a fortunate scenario, we have many new client partners & our existing clients are using more of

[FLR] | 8 Dimensions of Business Ecosystems | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Today is Earth Day. The first original Earth Day was April 22, 1970, organized in the US by Denis Hayes, a young activist. Over 20 million people marched & which still is the largest single-day protest in human history.   In 2020, the 50th anniversary, over 100 million observed the day online,

FLR | Wellbeing In Leadership | Friday Leadership Report

FLR | Wellbeing In Leadership | Friday Leadership Report Happy Friday, Monday, we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Many variables come into play to find a partnership that offers depth, width, & sustainability. The power & the reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day is just that, finding our person. It’s the equivalent of winning the lottery. Love is