MMM | How Canada Day Represents Community

Good Monday morning,   On Wednesday we celebrate all things that make our country so great. This year, Canada Day may look different for most of us. There will be no city-wide parades or large parties. But it’s important to remember we still have so much of this country to be thankful for. We have mountains, lakes,

FLR | A Ludicrously Oversimplified Explanation of the Canadian Economy Under COVID, the Increase in Debt and Money Supply, and What Comes Next

Happy Friday,   Our economy has undergone many changes in the past months and as leaders, it’s important that we understand how this impacts our businesses and teams.   Our staying current in research and understanding of the situation allows us to lead more effectively and make smarter decisions.   A Ludicrously Oversimplified Explanation of the Canadian

FLR | Into the 2020s – Challenges and Opportunities for Public Sector Leaders

Happy Friday,   It is National Public Service Week and I want to take this moment to thank all of our public servants.   As Canadians, we have seen the impact the public service has had in this unusual season, more than any time in recent history. We have seen our health care system step into a very unique situation

[FLR] 3 Easy Ways to Survive Working With a Remote Boss

Happy Friday,   One of the challenging aspects of working remotely is connecting with your team when you need them.   It’s even more complex when you’re trying to connect with your boss.   It was easy when you were in the office together. You could pop by their office, or book time with their assistant.

[FLR] 5 Things Small Businesses And Their Workers Need To Survive COVID-19 Beyond PPP

Happy Friday,   I don’t know about you but the air feels different to me. Yes, the air is warmer and summer is just around the corner but also cities are “warming up”.   More cars are on the road, businesses are slowly opening and there’s less stress floating around the community. We are slowly

[MMM] 8 Ways COVID Will Transform the Economy and Disrupt Every Business

Good Monday morning,   It’s been quite the past couple of months. As I think about all the changes that we’ve gone through, there are still so many that are yet to come. We have immersed ourselves in technology even more to maintain connections with others which only amplifies the lesson that we are still

It is a Time for Leaders & All of Us to Reboot the Workplace

Happy Friday,   We’ve all had that frustration – you’re working on your laptop and your frustration is rising as it takes longer and longer for your windows and pages to load.   It’s a lot like you might feel right now about our larger situation, as it seems to be taking longer than expected

MMM | Why You May Not Be Back in Your Office ’til 2021

  This weekend, I am finding it is starting to feel more “normal” when you have to run errands. There is something comforting seeing movement back in our society & economy.   In the world of work, more & more organizations are starting to open up. Our clients are working through return and recovery plans

[FLR] Remote Work Burnout – 3 Tips to Help Leaders

Happy Friday,   One thing I have noticed is the impact of working remotely on myself due to the sense of less connectivity with my team.   We are talking, zooming (yes, this is now a word), emailing, & texting.   Yet, it’s not the same.   There’s a new phenomenon happening;   Remote work

[FLR] Creativity During a Crisis

Happy Friday,   Like many of you, I was particularly looking forward to this weekend.   I realized mid-week that I was feeling more weary than normal.   I think a long weekend is exactly what we all need. For me & my team, these last 8 weeks have been full of challenges &, fortunately,