CareerClass Job Search Series – Essentials

You may have been recently impacted by COVID-19. Organizations are restructuring all across Canada – These are challenging & unprecedented times. Yes, there are opportunities, however, it’s extremely competitive.

While the market appears through the media & other sources to be extremely challenging, the truth is this is creating changes & new opportunities in every sector:

As of April 23rd, a COVID-19 HRPA (the largest association of HR Professionals in Canada) Survey states that 47% of employers in Canada continue to hire.

Every day you “wait and see” opportunities will come and go quickly. It’s that simple and that complex. Being average, comfortable, & waiting is the absolute riskiest thing you can do right now.

These are times to be more intentional about your job search, exploring skills & options for future opportunities.

You need to be asking yourself:

  • How do I fast-track my job search process so that I can be employed as quickly as possible?
  • How do I manage my stress & stay motivated in my job search?
  • Is my resume working for me? Why are organizations not responding to my resume?
  • I need to find a career in a completely new industry, where do I start?
  • Where are the opportunities in the current climate?
  • How do I leverage virtual networking & social media and is my LinkedIn profile displaying my unique skills and talents?
  • How do I use job search tools such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc?
  • How do I do a job search from application to hire, completely virtually?
  • How do I connect with recruiters, HR professionals in this competitive market?
  • How do I find opportunities that are not advertised? How do I access the “hidden job market”?
  • I’m considering relocating to a new city – how do I best navigate the job market?
  • How can I prepare well for modern, virtual interviews & stand out?
  • In the changing market, what am I now worth, and how do I negotiate the best package? 
  • How do I start & land well in the first 90-days of my new job?
  • I would like to develop a strategic plan for my career path – how do I begin?

The CareerClass Essentials Webinar Series is designed to help give you clarity — from the questions you find yourself asking, to what a plan of action for yourself can look like.

The award-winning, human, modern approach to your resume, job search & career transition in Canada.

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You can trust us with your job search.

Our 100% Commitment

We help you get the job you want quicker, with less stress & better results. We ensure the right coach fit, resume, branding, interview coaching & networking to the hidden job market. We are equally committed to helping you achieve your goals in the program & to get true value for your investment. Guaranteed.

The Proven Results

Yes, we can support you & your team with customized solutions.


Value, scalable solution:

  • Lower-investment
  • One seat to multiple
  • On-Demand, anywhere

Virtual, On-Demand, Self-Pacing Portal & Resources:

  • Job Search Webinars
  • Job Search Mindset Podcasts
  • Applying-Online, Interview-Prep Videos
  • Personal Branding & Self-Assessment Tools
  • DIY Resume Tools
  • Interview & Recruitment Guides

Options of including:

  • Written resumé & cover letters
  • Customized job coaching sessions
  • Flexible program solutions


For employees who are:

  • early-career or
  • low skill or
  • low tenure.
  • Access to Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Resumé, cover letter & LinkedIn assessment
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Network strategically
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Set informational interviews
  • Understand your value & negotiate your best offer


For employees who are:

  • mid-career or
  • high skill or
  • mid tenure.
  • Access to Professional Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Abilities & transferable skills analysis
  • Professional-level resumé & cover letter(s)
  • LinkedIn bio & profile assessment
  • Networking & working with Recruiters in your sector
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Strategic Job Search Plan
  • Benchmark current market value
  • Landing & integrating for success in your new role


For employees who are:

  • leaders or
  • in-depth skill or
  • long tenure.
  • Access to Leadership Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Abilities & transferable skills analysis
  • Leadership Job Search Plan
  • Leadership-level resumé & cover letter(s)
  • LinkedIn bio & branding support (including professional headshot)
  • Networking, working with Executive Recruiters
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Compensation & Offer support
  • Landing & integrating for success in your new role
  • Long-term & strategic career plan


Coaching available via Zoom or other calling services.

Essentials Option 1

You want just the basics. Essentials Option 1 includes:
  • All resources made available by the CareerClass Webinar Series (see below);
  • An effective, professionally written résumé, up to 2 pages;
  • 1 custom cover letter; and
  • A 30 min 1-1 phone call with your certified resume and branding coach.
Your Investment: $549
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Essentials Option 2

You need support to help with how to best present your qualifications on a more customized level. Essentials Option 2 includes:
  • All resources made available by the CareerClass Webinar Series (see below);
  • An effective, professionally written résumé, up to 2-pages;
  • 1 custom cover letter & LinkedIn Bio Summary;
  • A 30 min 1-1 phone call with your certified resume and branding coach; and
  • 1 hour of personal branding coaching.
Your Investment: $749
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CareerClass | The Canadian Job Search Series & Resources

Each webinar will be made accessible on-demand, giving you the opportunity to revisit the content you need at your own pace. 

Given our current job search landscape, now more than ever before you need to be equipped with the most up to date and relevant strategies to effectively find the right job, right now. Finding the right job that fits all your needs, interests and passions is really the pinnacle of job seekers’ success, yet seems almost impossible. It doesn’t have to be. Objectives
  • Avoid common mistakes made by job seekers.
  • Establish ideal, realistic, short and long-range objectives.
Social media has long been used as a strategy to promote your personal brand. In our current climate of social distancing, your virtual presence has never before been so valuable to employers, presenting you with an opportunity to showcase your qualifications, skills and values.   Objectives
  • Build a campaign that will help you to land in the best possible situation and avoid the errors that are frequently made by job hunters.
  • Effectively create an online presence and use LinkedIn and other social media.
You have a resume, but you’re uncertain if it’s giving you that competitive edge that you need to shine above others in an extremely competitive market. How can you avoid common misconceptions about your resumes that hold you back from presenting yourself to our fullest capacity?  Objectives
  • Introduce yourself with confidence and promote your personal brand with a clear and consistent message.
  • Appraise your qualifications and skills to build the competencies you need. 
Remember when you could walk into an employer’s office, hand in your resume and speak to the hiring manager in-person directly? We have been living in a virtual environment for a long time and will only continue to increase our reliance on technology to support the job search. The reality is, submitting an application is only one aspect to the larger job search process. With the right message, you need to take an active approach and reach out to your network. Don’t have a network? We can help you build one. Objectives:
  • Set and manage expectations and goals for networking. 
  • Tips and tricks for networking in the online world.  
  • Nurture, leverage and build your network.  
  • Use your network to propel your career forward. 
Whether you have an upcoming interview or not, its important you master the art of interviewing, especially in a highly virtual environment. How do you ensure that your experience, education, and talents are properly presented during an interview? You’ll be walked through anticipating questions, preparing your success stories, deciphering what the employer is looking for, and making sure the role is a good fit for you. Objectives:
  • Present yourself professionally and competently in an increasingly technical and virtual market to showcase your key qualifications as opposed to distracting from them. 
  • Set appointments with busy managers and executives. 
Can you be choosy about your options in times of such uncertainty? What’s an appropriate ask? You need to make an informed decision about whether a company, position or salary is the right fit for you. Objectives:
  • Review, assess and compare job offers; 
  • Strategically negotiate a job offer, including benefits and salary; 
  • Overcome rejection, put-offs or issues in your employment history; and 
  • Start your first 90 days well.  
Maybe you’re new to working from home, temporarily laid off, or have long dreamt about becoming your own boss. Entrepreneurship is the number one choice for Canadians who want more out of their careers. Could it be the right path for you? Objectives:
  • Identify the motivators as well as pros & cons of different self-employment options for your situation. 
  • Prepare your life for self-employment, addressing business requirements, and develop a high level strategic transition plan.    


As part of the CareerClass Essentials Series you will be provided with resources, assessments and tools to assist your job search in being more effective and intentional.  

  • Resumes That Get Jobs
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Budgeting & managing your money during transition
  • The CareerJoy Recruiter Guide
  • Three Keys to a Successful Interview
  • Top 10 Salary Negotiation Techniques
  • Career Fit/Identity Tools

You will come away with an actionable plan to start finding jobs right away. Our Expert Coaches and CareerGuides will provide unique insight into the hidden job, what industries are hiring right now, and take you to another level from your resume, to virtual networking, personal branding, interviewing skills & more.

Not everyone realizes that CareerJoy originally started out of a recruitment firm in the early 2000’s, bringing expertise and connections to the table to help job searchers find opportunity.

We continue to work with numerous employers on a daily basis as a consultancy, which gives us constant connection to what is happening in numerous Canadian markets.

Typically the process works mostly via email and phone so that we can connect you with the best writer regardless of location. The turnaround time for the first draft is five business days. We generally ask for a copy of your current resume and a completed Customized Resume Building Tool to get the ball rolling.

Right away. The CareerClass Essentials Series’ materials all digitally available, and upon registration we will give you access in 1-2 business days. Bookings for coaching calls as a part of your program may be booked as soon as you have access to your program, although availability of coaches may vary slightly.

We have honed our practice over 17 years, thousands of organizations and tens of thousands of individual clients before developing the content in our Career Class Essentials. You can expect these programs to deliver meaningful ROI for you. 

Here are some industry statistics and a general overview of the value and ROI coaching offers:

  • In one study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC, companies including Booz Allen Hamilton received an average return of $7.90 for every $1 invested in coaching.
  • A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.
  • An internal report of the Personnel Management Association showed that when training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their productivity by an average of 86 per cent compared to 22 per cent with training alone.

Professionals who received coaching reported improvements in the following areas:

  • Working relationships with direct reports (reported by 77 per cent of executives)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71 per cent)
  • Teamwork (67 per cent)
  • Working relationships with peers (63 per cent)
  • Job satisfaction (61 per cent)
  • Conflict reduction (52 per cent)
  • Organizational commitment (44 per cent)
  • Working relationships with clients (37 per cent)

In addition to having recently won our 3rd National HR Reporter Readers’ Choice award for transition coaching, our client response surveys indicate that 94% of clients are very satisfied with their CareerJoy programs and coaching that they receive. This is a significant jump from industry statistics indicating that 74.7%1 of Canadians who have received coaching are somewhat or very satisfied with their own coaching experience.

In addition to referring peers, colleagues and friends, our clients continue to share their success stories. 93% of clients indicated they were likely to recommend CareerJoy to their friends, family members, or colleagues, and we are making work better for ourselves and our clients every day, in order to increase that number to 100%.

Our career coaches are experts on careers, career coaching, and working with our clients who come from diverse backgrounds. Each member of our team has relevant and applicable post-secondary qualifications complemented by demonstrated hands-on experience working as a coach.

We have high standards and each of our coaches has been through our CareerJoy coaching process. Our coaches have practical experience in the work world, real life experience in dealing with real issues, and enjoy working one on one with our clients.

We are 100% committed to helping you achieve the goals & expectations of your job search & career program, & to get true ROI. To ensure we meet and exceed your expectations, we 100% guarantee our service in terms of coaching fit, tools, resume & branding elements, and support – we will work with you until you are completely satisfied. Guaranteed

Our clients are not interested in having an average career. They are interested in maximizing their potential, and come from all fields and levels. Twenty-five percent of our clients are students & young professionals, 45% of our clients are mid-level professionals, and 30% are senior leaders & executives.

They call us because, like you, they need help with a specific issue and/or are frustrated in their current position, or are currently in transition and looking for a fulfilling role. They may feel like their career has stalled, or that they have settled for second-best and are itching for more. Many of our clients have shifted their perspective on work and are beginning to view their career as an important part of their lifestyle. In addition to seeking more work-life balance, they want to achieve financial success without compromising who they are.

In 30 offices from St. John’s to Victoria, we have worked with over 9,500 individuals and 500 employers from coast to coast in the full spectrum of sectors and industries, from public to private sector & Not-For-Profit/Charitable sectors. We commonly work in the Financial Services sector, Technology, Media, Health Care, Legal, CPG, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Marcom, Government/Public Relations, Mining/Forestry, Education, and Administrative sectors/industries.

Absolutely. The materials are yours to keep, and can be viewed any time.

Our flexible coaching model is built around you, your needs, your lifestyle and your timing. We work one-to-one to help you achieve your goals. Your coaching sessions are customized to suit your needs, you and your coach will determine which topics would be most important for you address based on what you’re looking to achieve.

We’re located everywhere you are, when you are.

Our flexible coaching model is built around you: your needs, your lifestyle, your location and your timing. We take a modern approach to coaching and we can support you in-person at one of our local offices, or from the comfort of your own space.

Serving Canadians from coast to coast since 2002. Yes, even if you’re in Tuktoyaktuk we can support you. (In fact, we have.)