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If you are not experiencing career joy, it’s time to find out why. We have helped a number of people like you. Our free career counselling guides are a great place to start because they provide practical tips you can put to use today!

You will receive the following tools & guides:

15 Minute Career Test

* Evaluate your core skills in about 15 minutes
* Isolate key career issues right now
* Discover creative ways to advance your career

3 Keys to a Successful Interview

* Learn to share your story in a compelling way
* Discover the top 3 elements for a successful interview
​* Read up on follow-up strategies after the interview

Top 10 Keys to Salary Negotiation

* Implement 10 tips to get the most out of salary negotiations
* Get the best compensation package you can
* Make sure you end up with the best total package

How to Handle a Lay-Off

* Learn how to control your emotions and direct them towards making your life better.
* Find out how to keep your spirits up and find great job prospects.
* Use networking tips that will lead you to the hottest jobs.

Resumes That Get Jobs

* Use simple, concise tips to writing the perfect resume
* Target your resume for different kinds of positions
* Learn to command attention in a competitive market

Alan and CareerJoy’s team of coaches are uniquely trained to help you achieve career success both personally and financially. At CareerJoy, we work one on one with you and use our time-tested personalized tools to help you figure out your next best career move. We have been chosen as the official career counseling-coaching firm for the alumni of Carleton University, University of Toronto, Queens University, Athabasca University and many more.

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