Your success is your own damn fault – Larry Winget shares why, It's called work for a reason…

How do you think the market will respond to my skills? What does it take to be successful in this current economy? These were some of the questions I was recently asked by a new client at a getting started session. I am often asked similar questions by the media about emerging employment trends, the job market and skills that are in demand. This week’s podcast is from a conversation that I had with Larry Winget, known as “The Pit-Bull of Self Development.” Larry is author of “It’s called work for a reason; your success is your own damn fault. Larry shared 4 key career success principles, not matter what the economy, job market or the trends are.


1. Take ownership of your success and failure.

2. Look at what you do and don’t have control over.

3. Take positive action with the things you have control over.

4. Set realistic expectations.


Larry shared “The critical element people leave out to becoming successful is action. Get busy even if you are doing the wrong thing and you will find out sooner” People who are successful in their careers take action with the things they have control over and accept the things that are not in their control. There are many books about attitude, positive attitude will only get you so for, what you and I really need, is positive action.   I would call action “The discipline of intent.” Positive action sees opportunity, and does something with it. What is the current state of the market for you? Your actions will decide the answer, that’s why it’s called work and yes, your success is your own damn fault.


This week’s Workout – Take positive action over the things you have control over.


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Positive action, along the road with you!




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